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Teething or Separation Anxiety?

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GoldPlatedNineDoors Sun 06-Jan-13 16:20:30

Dd has some teeth starting to prod through (in addition to some already in), and is one year old. She has had a few broken nights over the last few, and I had thought it might be her guns but am calpolling and teething stuff directly onto her gums, but she is still waking every 1.5/2 hrs (previously wouod sleep 6.30-7.30 without a murmur).

I reapply meds as needed in the night, but still she is waking. She is very very huggy / wantinf to be on my lap all the time and wont let her little snuggly bedtime teddy out of her sight day or night. She doesnt have hot red cheeks like she has with her last few teeth so wondering if its separation amxiety and if so, what to do at night as meds are no good for that.

amazingmumof6 Mon 07-Jan-13 03:50:16

could be either/both, hard to tell without knowing her.

I use Dentinox gel for teeth - and you can keep giving her calpol as long as she has lots of liquid during the day

she might be fighting a tummy bug or some other lurking nasties (chickenpox, cold?) or if shes taken antibiotics recently her immune system could be still compromised - I'd give her pro/prebiotic yogurts to build up the gut, multivitamins to boost immune system.

if she's not well she'll be clingy, which wil resolve itself when she gest better.
separation anxiety is a bit different from that, but it's just not easy to tell the difference until she's back to her normal, healthy self.

hope this helps

amazingmumof6 Mon 07-Jan-13 03:57:20

also if she wakes frequently she might just be hungry, so either top her up at night or increase food/calories during the day.
protein is harder to digest, so a bit of chicken or fish at dinner time with brown rice, veg and grated cheese might fill her up more.
or try porridge with a pinch of cinnamon and a heaped spoonful of ground almonds, very filling and yummy!
I'm sure you can get great recipes for filling foods in cookbooks for babies.

hope she gets better soon.

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