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In-flight entertainment for 2yo?

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beela Sat 05-Jan-13 18:12:02

I was thinking of getting a portable DVD player to use on a 4 hour flight with my 2yo DS, but then wondered whether we could get a tablet or kindle and download some episodes of Postman Pat (or whatever) as well as some toddler-friendly games, then DH and myself would also get some use out of the other features at other times.

Now I'm just totally confused by all the different options, which obviously get more expensive as I go along, and wish I had just spent a few quid on a cheap DVD player! Or just stuck with plan A, which was sticker books and pencil crayons.

Can you actually download progs to a tablet or kindle, or do you need to be connected to the internet to watch them?

Also, any other top tips for making a flight more bearable for a very active 2yo?

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