Any advice for mum of 1yr 4 month old who is about to give birth to number 2 baby?

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DreamyParentoid Sun 06-Jan-13 20:20:43

I do love this option of being able to post and lovely ladies get back to you.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback especially on the buggy.

Sleepwize: We were doing really well with DD1 sleeping in her own bed, weened, but just waking once or twice and needing resettling. Quite often I fell asleep next to her whilst resettling, I'll be honest! But after two weeks of first her, then me having a really horrid cough that seems to come on in the night, I've ended up using boob to settle her just so she can get back to sleep even though I'm coughing my guts up. Its been quite challenging, sleep depriving, and ultra annoying to actually go backwards. Especially since the week before we came down with said virus she'd slept through in her own room for the first time and it all happened quite naturally.

Sods law I suppose.

So asap I need to start the gently moving towards settling her and leaving plan I have. Except its also probably necessary to wait until after this cough finishes because each time she's settling I cough and wake her...

DH has never done bedtime and now boob has got involved again, can't really. He is up for taking over bedtime for DD1 but is quite old fashioned about what DD ought to be able to do. I.e. have a story read to her, then kissed goodnight and left. This isn't really what I've been doing! Its all been quite protracted. Hence my desire to set her up for the hand over by getting her used to my leaving before the next one arrives.

I was impressed to read that Woolfey managed bed time with both of them by using the rocking seat. I can imagine that after the first couple of weeks I might need to be able to manage by myself sometimes so that's helpful.

Re: final stretch. I feel pretty ok except for the sleeplessness from this horrid cough. I don't know what it would be like if I wasn't exhausted from that, maybe I'd notice other things, but I feel like all would be well if I could just get rid of that. Maybe I'd be a little breathless and tired anyway? I think my bump isn't too big, though that maybe all to come. To be honest we've had such a full on christmas of visitors I'm only just settling down to acknowledge that the main thing next is me having a baby!

Best wishes to you all, x

Flowerydems Sun 06-Jan-13 15:12:16


Woolfey - so glad to read your responses, it's helped with some of the things I've been worrying about.

We're doing ok, just on the final countdown now and cannot wait to be able to take big steps and not waddling about everywhere. smile how are you getting on with the final stretch?

DS is totally oblivious to the fact anyone's going to be joining the family so I'm a bit anxious but seeing as he's only going to be 14 months he'll soon forget he was an only child... hopefully anyway, going to get him a couple of wee things to help with the transition.

See I was looking at the graco aswell but my pal was getting rid of an icandy so we bought that and just got the adaptors which worked out fairly cheap in the end, also meant we could get rid of our single buggy as it'll go into a single after DS starts walking and that.

We've just bought a cot bed for DS as he's always been a good sleeper so we're going to move him into next week and the cot will go in our room for the baby and that means the moses basket can stay downstairs most of the time unless the baby falls asleep and it's small enough that we can just pop it in the cot upstairs.

It's so much to think about now though xx

Woolfey Sun 06-Jan-13 10:52:39

Also I bought a 2nd high chair for DD2 and it was a mistake as as soon as DD1 saw DD2 in a high chair she decided she wasn't a baby and wanted to sit in a big chair so I ended up buying a booster seat for her. Then when DD2 saw DD1 in a booster seat she wouldn't go in her high chair so I ended up with them both in booster seats from when DD2 was about 6 months old with 2 useless high chairs! This thread is bringing back all sorts of memories smile

Woolfey Sun 06-Jan-13 09:13:31

Oh and reins for DD1 (I used one of those backpack things, very cute) so I could keep hold of DD1 whilst getting DD2 out of the car etc.

Woolfey Sun 06-Jan-13 09:09:48

Hi Dreamy
Funnily enough that was the double buggy I had (but in a diffferent colour). It suited me. Big space underneath for shopping. I never folded it up and put it in the car though as I just used to walk everywhere with them both. It is quite light (before you put them in!) and SO much cheaper than the other ones I saw. Also I really liked the fact that one of them was not underneath the other so that when DD2 could sit up they could both see around them and DD2 could also see DD1 sitting in front of her.

Also DD2 really loved sleeping in the buggy so we used it as her little cot for a bit. It has a kind of velcro feet thing so you can turn it into a little box/cot thing (not describing it very well - sorry!) obviously I used to strap her in though.

I haven't tried a one where the seats are next to each other so don't know how it compares.

I think it would be worth waiting and seeing how you do with the sling and single buggy as I did do it for a couple of weeks and DD2 was rather enormous 10lb 6oz and I was recovering from SPD so it might be easier for you.

I now use a single buggy for DD2 with a step on for DD1 as they got too heavy to push up the (rather steep) hill.

I got the bath seat from Mothercare,default,pd.html but the health visitor recommended one of those bath slings to me (Mothercare also sells them) but I already had the bath seat from using it with DD1.

We spent lots of time getting DD1 ready to sleep in her cotbed in her own room as she used to sleep in with us so we had to get her out of our bed and bedroom before DD2 came along as we didn't want her to feel pushed out when DD2 arrived and had to sleep in our bedroom. So when DD2 arrived we had her in a moses basket and our bed and DD1 in her own room. It did take DD1 a while to get used to DD2 making noises as she'd had complete quiet for sleeping before that. Anyway it all sorted itself out after a couple of weeks.

If anything else comes to me that I found particularly useful I'll post again smile

DreamyParentoid Sun 06-Jan-13 00:06:51

Hay Woolfey, that's really helpful. I've been looking at double buggy's but wondering if I really needed to get one straight away for exactly the reasons you describe. I have found a swing seat in a car book which looks fabulous and I've been on the look out for a sling which I used religiously for DD1 but lost (?!). But I hadn't thought of a baby bath seat, that is clever.

Talking of double buggy's, the one I'd looked at was this tandem one where u can put them in from birth The other option is one where they ride next to each other. Which buggy do you use/recommend?

Plus the bath seat, which one of those did you use?

Also, did you use cots with both of yours? I had DD1 in bed with us, then moved her into a hammock for a bit, then into her own futon bed but ended up sleeping with her quite a bit. I am thinking that I can't do that this with the next baby quite so easily and maybe a straight forward cot with a jolly mobile would also be worth the investment.

Flowerydems - nice to hear from you. How are you doing? Have you tried to explain to your DS that you are having a baby? What are you doing about sleep arrangements?

Lovely to hear from you both smile

Woolfey Sat 05-Jan-13 22:31:43

I have two DD's with a 15 month gap and practically I couldn't have done without a swing seat, a bath seat, a double buggy and a sling.

I put DD2 in the swing seat while I got DD1 to bed so could carry on DD1's routine as much as normal. The bath seat meant I could put DD2 in there and she would be somewhat protected so I could bath them both at the same time. I thought I would be able to just do without a double buggy and use DD1's buggy for her with a sling for DD2 but she was just too heavy and in retrospect I wish I had bought a double buggy before she was born. Also as they have gotten older I have found having a travel cot in the living room vital to be able to keep DD2 safe/contained when I need to give 121 attention to DD1.

I did feel very sad about no longer having so much time with DD1 as I'm a SAHM and she doesn't go to nursery so all my time was me and her BUT it is fantastic that she has someone to play with and they love each other so much, the first thing DD1 does when she wakes up in the morning is asks to go and see DD2 smile It is hard work at first but it does get better. It does take a while to adjust but you find your own way in the end. If I can manage it so can you both x

Flowerydems Sat 05-Jan-13 17:34:04

I have a 13 month old and am due on the 12th of Feb so going to keep an eye on this post smile I'm hoping it's not going to be as bad as being with DS pregnant cause I feel like it's worse being incapacitated by this huge belly than a baby in the room.... I hope. xx

DreamyParentoid Sat 05-Jan-13 15:29:14

Hello smile

Do you have any advice about what to get prepared before a second child comes along so as to ease the transition for the first and DH and I? My due date is feb 18th.

I notice I feel a little grief about loosing the ability to give DD1 all my attention. I have loved hanging out with her. She does go to nursery for 2 pms a week and I'm in the process of helping her get used to falling asleep without me lying there next to her... but I notice I'm quite gutted that I have to!

Any recommendations or tips on this, or practical things generally would be very gratefully received x

p.s. I started this thread in Larger Families, but no responses there. Maybe 2 isn't a very large family by comparison!

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