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Benefits question, sorry if it is a wrong section

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housesalehelp Tue 01-Jan-13 22:05:00

moneymatters on mumnet is probably best place - and employment matters and going back to work normal have some good job seeking help - have you checked you are getting all the benifits you are entitled to turntous is a good website and money saving expert both the general and the forums are all good

lovemynathy Tue 01-Jan-13 21:49:06

I was due to return to work in September but was made redundant and started claiming JCA contribution based straight away. My hubby is full time, earns about 280 a week. We are on a terrible fixed deal with our mortgage where we have to pay 800 a month! We are coping ok, but all this time I have not had any interviews at all. I am worried what will happen after Marcj when my JCA expires. Our DS is 15 months. Does anybody know what will happen if I am still out of work, what can I claim? I am really confused with all upcoming changes. Thanks you

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