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Does anyone else think there should be a naughty step for parents?

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vladthedisorganised Wed 02-Jan-13 13:07:58

I think I've got less tolerant since having my own child..
Snotty kid kisses are very annoying; is it that hard to wipe a child's nose before dangling them in front of all and sundry and enforcing a kiss? On the lips, with a side order of slime. Gee, thanks.

The other one I don't get is when the parent looks at the small toddler and says "Ooh, that's the poo face! No point in dealing with it too soon..", leaves the child marinating in its own crap, then changes the stinky nappy in wherever room they happen to be, depositing said stinky nappy in a corner.
How is it that if you've seen the 'poo face' and had time to wait around, it's too much bother to take the kid somewhere else (i.e somewhere ventilated with no food around hmm) to change the nappy, or to take the thing outside afterwards instead of gassing out the dining room, or worse, on the table at a restaurant???

Can't say I've found a way to deal with it other than biting my tongue in two. For the snot thing I do the New York grandma act and scrub a tissue under the kid's nose anyway, for the crappy nappy I trust DD's lack of tact "What's that funny smell?"

Jac1978 Mon 31-Dec-12 08:03:36

Have just been to a family party where my SIL not only brought her little one streaming with a cold but then encouraged her to kiss each child goodbye, drenching them all in snot!! Idiot!!! Does anyone else witness idiotic parents and if so how do you deal with it???

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