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5 y/o daughter wont eat after virus

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Tearing my hair out!

DD (5) has had a bug. On Monday evening she was sick a number of times, we assumed norovirus was upon us. Christmas Day, she had a nibble on some egg on toast (only thing she fancied) took one look at dinner and went and laid down. She wasn't sick though on that day. She was sick again Wednesday but just once.

She has antibiotics but these wont suppress her appetite. She just wont eat. Simply wont.

She is a very skinny thing anyway and prone to not eating when worried ( a boy in her class called her a fat lard arse a few weeks back and has been upsetting her in general, its played on her mind and she is still bringing school up depsite it being the holidays).

We have tried everything, offering her her favourite foods, even offering her a Happy meal just to try and get her interested in eating.

I am genuinely worried, she has basically had nothing solid since Monday and was so sick I doubt that much was left then either.

We have told her if she wont eat, she'll have to go to hospital as she has no energy and its effecting her going to the toilet now too.

Any advice would be welcome, I'm close to putting her in the car and taking her to the hospital as she cannot carry on this way.

None of the rest of us has had any vomiting so I'm inclined to think that's down to worry of school. Antibiotics were given as she was dehydrated and had a water infection according to walk in clinic.

Seeline Fri 28-Dec-12 15:41:38

Stop making an issue of it - that will make her worry even more.
AB's I have when I have a UTI often give me stomach ache/make me feel sick if I don't take them with food so they could be making her feel pretty bad if she isn't eating.
Is she drinking at all? If not then hospital may be best.
Try leaving little snacks out and about - things that she might normaly think of as a treat. Don' worry if it's healythy or not. Don't mentions them but perhaps just pop a plate of a few crisps, or biscuits or chopped up fruit or whatever nearby and leave her to it.

We've tried the snacks one- not hard as its Christmas so there are crisps and biscuits a plenty at the minute. She is reluctantly drinking now, she wouldn't up until yesterday afternoon though.

Not making an issue of it as such, just saying she needs to nibble on something, and what would she like, or she'll be too tired to play with her new toys. Its only in the last few hours- as she literally has barely moved from the sofa in days and is pale and sleepy- that we're worried and she'll have to go to the hospital to find out why she cannot eat. It was in the context of asking if there was literally anything in the world she'd want to eat, at all, as her Dad has offered to go out and hunt something down if it means she eats. She's also complaining of being cold.

Jemma1111 Fri 28-Dec-12 15:53:18

I agree its best not to make an issue out of it as this will make her stress.
Just make sure she's drinking loads and if she wants to nibble on ice cream, treats, whatever then let her. Before you know it she'll have her appetite back.

bamboostalks Fri 28-Dec-12 15:54:00

It is still early days after a bad bug. My dd had a virus last week and and barely ate for 6 days. As long as a she's drinking, that's what is vital. Move from cordial to smoothies and start from there.

Jemma1111 Fri 28-Dec-12 15:54:39

Sorry didn't see your last post !

Thanks for the advice everyone. Just to report back- she has finally eaten this morning- a large slice of home made bread (she loves my bread so made some up for her specially) with lots of butter on it. he managed that and has been drinking. DP is off to the shops shortly with a list of foods she says she may want to eat later, so fingers crossed she will eat a bit today

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