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Chest infection and antibiotics

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Munchkinmommy Fri 28-Dec-12 11:38:22

My little girl is 8 months and a few days ago came down with a cough and a cold. We took her to the doctor yesterday and he gave her amoxicillin for a chest infection. We started the medication straight away and expected to see some improvement today but she seems worse. She cries in pain (or at least that what it sounds like to me). We are giving her paracetamol and nurofen to help her. Just wondered if anyone has any experience of this. Should I expect her to get worse before she gets better and how long will it take for the antibiotics to have an effect? Thanks

ToffeePenny Fri 28-Dec-12 11:43:59

Not an infant but I had a chest infection and was prescribed amoxicillin on the 22nd. Felt worse for 3 days then better, stopped coughing up stuff (sorry if TMI) for the first time yesterday.


Munchkinmommy Fri 28-Dec-12 12:05:17

Ah right thanks. Perhaps I am expecting too much too soon. Did you go off your food with it? Since she's had the antibiotic we are struggling to get her to eat anything.

ToffeePenny Fri 28-Dec-12 12:58:52

Yes - though to be honest it was more the breathing while drinking I found hard (probaby the same for a tiny tot) so probably didn't drink enough.

It gave me a bit of a stomach upset but nothing really painful - If you think she's in pain maybe call NHS direct/your GP.

As an aside - Steam helped a lot to shift everything - might be worth trying to create a steamy bathroom to make her more comfortable?

Munchkinmommy Fri 28-Dec-12 15:05:54

Great thanks, might put her in the bath after had the shower running for a bit.

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