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Comfort milk, now loose bowels! Is this normal?

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BrownEyedGirl32 Tue 18-Dec-12 21:34:03

Hi there, I have a 2wk old DS who is bottle fed. We had him on cow and gate first milk initially which caused alot of discomfort, wind and crying! We changed him to cow and gate comfort a few days ago due to his colic. He seems to have settled a bit and less pain but tonight has had a loose bowel motion which he has never had before (Dirty nappy every 2 days until now). Can the comfort milk cause this and should I be worried?

Also can you give both comfort and ready made first milk as give this when out or during the night feed.

Being so new to this I just need some advice from other mums who may have had the same situation. Thanks in advance and thank goodness for mumsnet!

CoolaYuleA Wed 19-Dec-12 03:10:07

Changing milks can cause upsets in the bowels, as can mixing milks.

I found C&G Comfort made my DD very loose for a day or so and then very constipated, and she didn't really tolerate it any better than C&G First.

She was very colicky for a few months (has reflux as well), and having tried all sorts (Colief, various formulas, Dentinox colic drops, gripe water and some others I can't remember the names of) and had lots of discussions with my HV, who said don't change her over to Comfort - I did it anyway, and found out she was right, I came to the conclusion that some babies are just colicky. They grow out of it.

Nothing we tried made a real difference - although gripe water made her throw up spectacularly. Even Colief did nothing. The only thing that did anything was long winding sessions, and using two or three winding methods. Colic is thought to be trapped wind so lots of winding really did make a difference for DD.

MyGoldenNotebook Wed 19-Dec-12 11:27:00

Oh BrownEyed I really feel for you. It's so heartbreaking to see little ones in discomfort. I agree with the above poster that comfort milk does not generally make a real difference (although some mums will disagree!) as I tried this myself when DD was about three weeks old. I switched back to Aptamil First as like you I worried about mixing milks as I wanted to ue cartons when out and about. DD grew out of her colic and mild silent reflux at around 4 and a half months and has generally been much more happy and settled since we weaned at 5 and a half months.

You will probably have lots of good days and bad days with a colicky baby. I'd suggest speaking to your HV for advice, some of them are very good and sympathetic. It's a very common problem.

Good luck and enjoy your tiny one x

tiktok Wed 19-Dec-12 17:00:44

Comfort milks almost always produce loose poo - it's not normally thought to be a problem. You could phone the helpline on the packaging - the manufacturers should be able to let you know if you describe what's happening whether it's normal or not. You can also ask about using both types of milk - it would normally be thought OK to do this.

You could also ask your HV.

Hope your baby is more comfortable soon.

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