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ipad apps for 1yo?

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GirlWithTheMouseyHair Wed 12-Dec-12 21:46:14

had really hoped to avoid ipad usage with DC2 until she's a bit older but have to face facts I live on the other side of the world and have 4 transatlantic trips coming up (3 of which on my own with aforementioned DD and her brother who's 4) and there's only a finite number of times I can read "Peek-a-Who?" to her in 11hours.

So - any ideas for ipad entertainment for a 1yo? (jesus that sounds ridiculous!)

matana Wed 19-Dec-12 08:12:50

Oh gosh, a long haul flight with a 1 yo, I don't envy you! Some good advice here though. We took our then 18mo on a 2 hour flight and the results were not fun. At 1 ds had zero attention span and just wanted to be on the move and try out his walking. Is yours walking? There's more opportunity for walking around on a long haul imo. Maybe try some book apps where the animals make noises. We just got an innotab2 for my ds who is now 2 and he loves the book apps. There's one called what's that noise and he loves touching the different objects on the page to see what they do. While a 1yo may not have developed the fine motor skills to be able to touch the screen accurately, you can do it. An innotab is made specifically with children in mind, so it's very robust meaning you're not risking your beloved iPad! Also ime most people on planes are very understanding, especially if they have had children themselves and know how hard it can be. My ds tantrumed from the minute he stepped onto the plane till the minute it landed, despite taking him lots of toys to play with. He hates being restrained. All the passengers around us were really kind and played peek a boo to try to help keep him entertained. I do think they were relieved when the plane landed though... good luck.

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