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14 mo sleeping problem

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acsr1987 Tue 11-Dec-12 21:26:35

i did controlled crying with him when he was 8 months and hes been alittle angel since, hes in a really good (quite strict) routine of bath story bottle bed. the only time i ever get any problems off him is when hes poorly as hes prone to ear infections
ANYWAY... about 3 weeks ago he started crying in the night, as thought he was crying in his sleep, only once a night at first and all it took was a quick cuddle and put down with his fav lullaby bear... THEN it has gotten worse and worse and worse hes up about 5 times a night now and normally i can leave him to cry and he settles on his own but last night he worked himself up so much he vomited (all over me may i add) ive had him to the doctors and hes had a full bill of health i just got the usual "itll just be his teeth" but surely this has to be something else??
i dont think its seperation anxiety either as he is going down after his bath no bother straight to sleep, and its happening at the same time every night midnight??
last night i got so bad i had him sleep in bed with me but even then he was still waking up crying every hour
really at my whitts end and dont know what to do for the best as i really dont want to compramise the routine me and my partner worked so hard to put in place.
ive tried everything
ashtons teething powders, bonjela, calpol, ibuprofen, midnight bottles
he seems fine in himself, even last night at 2 in the morning and me and his dad looked like zombies he was smiling and giving us cuddles and hes no bother at all during the day
please someone tell me the right answer!!!!!

kaysnutch Tue 11-Dec-12 21:58:28

ive had similar problems with my daughter since she was 9 months and she is 6 in january, and for a few months every now and again she will sleep through with no problems. I have been advised to try putting an item of clothing that smells of me in bed with her and to have music playing during the night in case when she wakes its too quiet and a bit scary for her. although it hasn't helped with her, its worth a try. i really hope you find something that works.

mermaid101 Wed 12-Dec-12 20:27:05

I had exactly the same problem with my DD about three weeks ago. She is about the same age. Like you, I don't think it was teething and it wasn't any kind of illness. My DH had taken to going into her room and sleeping on the floor beside her, which helped, but wasn't - for us - sustainable.

We just went into her, very quickly when she started crying whatever time it was. We didn't leave her for any length of time to see if she settled herself because experience had taught us she just got more and more worked up.

When we went in, be didn't pick her up. Is she was lying down, we just put a hand on her tummy for about 20 seconds and then left the room again. We would go back in after less than a minute if she was still crying and kept repeating until she settled. If she was sitting up, we just gently lay her back down and left the room - again, returning as many times as needed.

After about three days she was much better. Her sleep is still a little hit and miss just now, after previously being a really good sleeper, but things have improved considerably.

The above was based (partly) on the advice of our HV. She had suggested leaving her crying for periods before we went in, but we weren't very comfortable with doing that and it didn't really work anyway.

Massive sympathy - I'm back at work (full time) and it nearly broke me. Would this sort of thing be something you might try?

acsr1987 Fri 14-Dec-12 10:03:45

thanks for the replies, well i tried abit of controlled crying leaving him for 5 mins then 10 then 15 and nothing worked but used a "cuski" and he settled no bother! grrrr bloody kids whod have them! lol

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