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Groups for babies

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narmada Wed 12-Dec-12 13:56:15

If you don't feel like it don't bother. It's optional! Honestly, all she needs at the moment is you - the groups of course are for parents smile

aliphil Tue 11-Dec-12 20:20:29

DD is 4 months old. Should I be taking her to lots of groups, and out for walks? I haven't yet found many local groups that appeal to me; I tried the Surestart play and rhyme but it seems pretty pointless at her age. Am I right in thinking that the point of groups at the moment is more for me to get out of the house and meet other mums, neither of which I especially want to do? We're not complete hermits; we meet up with the other mums and babies from the ante-natal class most weeks, and sometimes we go to the sling meet (but it's on Christmas break at the moment). Then there's church, and seeing not-new-mum friends, and I generally take DD with me if I have to go into town for other stuff.

As for the walking ... meh. The trouble is, we live half an hour's walk from the town centre (longer on the way back as it's uphill!), and especially in this weather it's not appealing, even without a baby and the stuff she needs, and not that practical if doing a big shop. Where we live there's nowhere interesting to go - no park or anything, just houses (and a cemetery and a Tesco Metro) - and I've never got into walking for the sake of walking. Any tips for getting me motivated?

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