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Anyone tried Gina Ford?

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VixiTrix Sun 09-Dec-12 23:26:47


Has anyone out there tried Gina Ford routines? They are quite rigid but I was thinking about adapting them a bit but still following the principles. Has anyone's else done that and how long did it take for your little ones to get used to it?


bbface Tue 11-Dec-12 08:05:35

Yep, we did, very early. Adapted I.e. no crying out, but as GF writes, if you follow from really early on, having a routine will be all that your baby wil veer know, so needing to cry it out is highly unlikely.

Anyway, I digress. We did it, and LOVED it. DS is now 2.4 and I kid you not, after going to bed last night at 7.15, he is still in bed fast asleep. He loves routine. Having an afternoon nap in his cot all he has ever know, from day 1 and he still has a 2 hour one. We re a lot more flexible now, but as a new number, I was happy with the fairly restrictive nature if the routine.

Following gins ford lite gives you so much confidence as a new mum, because it hand holds you. I did not have any support network at all as both parents passed away, in laws abroad and closest friends all childless. So it was me, dh and gf and we had a very easy time of it if I am honest. DS hardly ever cried, at all, andninthink that was because he was genuinely so content. All his needs were met before he even came to a point of realising that he needed something!

Number 2 in feb, and plan to do the same,

themaltesecat Thu 13-Dec-12 10:14:00

Revolting books.

Read part of one in a bookshop when my daughter (exclusively breastfed and a terrible sleeper) was about seven weeks old. I'd have tried almost anything, but...

Even in my addled state, I could scarcely believe the advice that one should not make eye contact with the baby after 6pm. How fucking scary and cold and weird is that?!

Can well believe that nannies, detached and desperate to get to the pub, could follow this sort of schedule. That a mother could defies belief.

WayneDeer Thu 13-Dec-12 10:25:00

We used Gina Ford for my eldest as we had no clue
I was too wimpy to do all of it.
it gave me much more idea about not keeping her up for hours and hours as a new born
I didn't realise they needed so much sleep
Some idea that a routine was a good idea

It helped until my instincts felt strong enough for me to rely on them
Once I felt I had a handle on it all it pretty much went out the window

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