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Baby sheepskin in the cot??

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Boggler Thu 06-Dec-12 09:20:04

My Australian auntie has very kindly sen my dd (14 wks) a baby sheepskin, it's wonderfully thick and would almost fill her cot. I have a little sheepskin already that goes in her pram carrycot, but I'm wondering what to do with the new super douper one. As its so cold at the moment I thought I might put in her cot for her to sleep on at night, but before I do is this ok to do? She sleeps in a grobag with a vest and babygro and I don't want to overheat her. I know sheepskins are supposed to keep them warm in winter cool in summer but are they ok to use for night sleeping?

Iggly Thu 06-Dec-12 10:00:32

I did some reading into this and thought it wasn't a good idea until they were quite a bit older (around 1). I think it's the overheating issue.

Boggler Thu 06-Dec-12 11:56:45

Just found this on the BBC:

Can I use a sheepskin for my baby?

Research has shown that sheepskins are not a risk factor if your baby sleeps on their back.

Sheepskins are a risk factor as soon as your baby starts trying to roll over onto their front.

Then take the sheepskin away.

surroundedbyblondes Thu 06-Dec-12 11:58:54

I would think a sheepskin in the cot is too much.... but that's just my opinion.

As it's so cold out, I'd put the really good one in the pram. Could you e-bay the other maybe?

heidihole Thu 06-Dec-12 12:00:21

I had one in DS's moses basket. Not in his big cot that he's in now though. Alternatively you could use it on the floor as a soft mat to get DC changed on (not nappys obviously just changing clothes) or a play mat for her to lie on and play with her feet!

MrsMarigold Thu 06-Dec-12 12:01:38

I used one but put it under the sheet and it was good. I always worry I'm over-heating my two but our house is freezing and very draughty. What sort of windows do you have?

Boggler Thu 06-Dec-12 12:10:57

mrsmarigold you're a genius why didn't I think of putting it under the sheet I think thats the solution. The bedroom is feeling quite cold at night and I'm hoping she'll be more comfortable and stop waking for no reason at 3 am every night.

Poledra Thu 06-Dec-12 12:16:17

Yep, I used one in the cot, and put a muslin over it (a big one that tucked into the sides) which had the added bonus that if any posset/dribble/snot/bodily fluid went on it, I could whip it off and put a clean one on. We do have a very cold house, though!

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