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DD is beautiful and odd though it sounds this is becoming a problem

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stormforce10 Mon 26-Nov-12 18:56:48

Honestly I'm not trying to boast I'm actually after advice.

DD is 7. she is stunning and its not just me saying it. Random strangers stop in the street to tell her / me how pretty she is. We've even had people asking to photograph her as she's so beautiful. a couple of days ago a woman came up to us and asked if she'd considered child modelling and pressed a card into my hand

This may sound like a really good situation but DD knows and is starting to take loads of interest in her appearance, shows off about it to friends and keeps telling people she's prettier than they are. In other words its gone to her head.

Hell whatever way I post this it sounds awful. I'm worried, she should be doing normal happy 7 year old things not worrying about her looks. I don't want her to get into the world of modelling and I don't want her worrying about her hair style or whether i'd still love her if she looked different sad

I love her so so much she, ds and dp are my world


Marzipanface Thu 29-Nov-12 10:55:10

What did you say to her teacher?

rhetorician Thu 29-Nov-12 19:24:35

coldcup we have opposite issue - DD1 is pretty, but shy and a bit quirky odd, but DD2 is the one with the happy disposition, outgoing character and keenness to get stuck in and learn things...but that's a different thread, surely?

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