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Teething back molars

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PPL Fri 23-Nov-12 09:28:08

Hi, just wondered if anyones DCs had these by 18mo?

DS has all his other teeth, he's 17 months and had all his canines come through about a month ago.

This week he has his finger hanging out of his mouth constantly although does not appear to be in a huge amount of pain - a bit grizzly at times and tends to chew frantically on his sippy cup at times. Canines were hideous and lots of night wakings, screaming etc.

He won't let me in to have a look but i think I can feel something...could it be that already? seems a bit young.

Also, please please tell me he won't suffer as much as he did with his canines!


VodkaKnockers Fri 23-Nov-12 19:11:17

DS2 (23mths) has been cutting his 4 back teeth for ages.

Dentist said that they usually come through about 2.5yr but can come through sooner.

Not had too much trouble with but at least A&P teething powders are back on the shelves!!

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