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16 month old just launched herself out of cot!

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EricNorthmansFangBanger Sat 17-Nov-12 14:23:36

We just came upstairs to put DD2 down for a nap. Sometimes she will cry when she's put in her cot but will usually just stand and whine a bit before lying down and going to sleep. She's not sleeping very well of a night either but I suppose that's by the by.

Anyway, DH put her in the cot with her blanket. She immediately stood up and started crying and leaning over even though she was shattered. DH lay her back down and left her room. As I was walking past she started shouting louder and half bounced and lent righ over the side of the cot which made her fall. She did a bit of a somersault and landed on her back. I let out a scream and picked her up. She settled straight away and I brought her to our bed where she's gone pretty much straight to sleep. I don't think she hit her head, it was more her body. She seemed fine and I'm lying here next to her whilst she sleeps. I feel awful and a bit worried now. The cot is on the middle setting so I've told DH that it needs adjusting down to the lowest before bed.

I know the signs to look out for in terms of concussion/head injury as she threw herself backwards from sitting two weeks ago onto the tile floor at my mum and dads. I don't think she's quite ready for a toddler bed yet, though we are aiming to get her in one in the next couple of weeks if we can. She gave me a right fright sad

QTPie Sat 17-Nov-12 14:47:49

Hope she is ok. I actually did it before I could walk (and I wasn't a late walker!) and am still here to tell the tale wink

Does she normally wear a sleeping bag? DS was capable of climbing out at 18 months (I caught him before he actually did it), but not with his sleeping bag on. We made sure he wore the sleeping bag every night abc nap time, then took the side off of his cotbed at just over 24 months (would have done it sooner, but were going on holiday over his second birthday and wanted him to still sleep in a cot whilst we were away...)

xMinerva Sun 18-Nov-12 09:22:30

Aww poor you. It's a scary thing.

Glad she seems ok.

FWIW I co-slept with ds2 until he went into a full size single bed (not toddler bed) at 16 months old. I put his cot mattress on the floor just in case but he was fine. Didn't fall out once.

Just put something next to the bed (like a cot mattress) so if she falls out, she doesn't hurt herself but definitely worth a try.

hippy1952 Sun 18-Nov-12 22:55:45

Maybe think about putting into a bed. All of my 4 were in them by 18 months, with the cot mattress on the foor , simply because they then had something soft to fall on and also less height to fall from.

jessebuni Tue 20-Nov-12 05:39:19

My son started getting out of his cot from around one...o.o somehow I still don't know how. At around 14-15 months we brought him a single bed that was really low to the floor so that he didn't have far to fall if he did fall out and that solved the problem. If he wouldn't settle I did have to keep putting him back in bed simply saying "it's bedtime" quietly to him an then leaving the room. If he then got up and went to the gate throwing a tantrum I would leave him for a while then go back and put him in bed again. Some nights he'd throw tantrums and some he wouldn't but at least he didn't climb out of his cot and fall again whether it be from a tantrum at night or when he woke up first thig in the morning and I wasn't awake yet so he was bored and tried to escape. I would say if dropping the cot doesn't solve the problem getting a bed is probably the best plan it's not as far to fall.

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