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Those of you who put newborns down to sleep at 7pm-ish...

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CharlieMouseWillDoIt Thu 15-Nov-12 14:22:47

How long do they sleep for? I've always thought that "sleeping through the night" for a newborn is 5 hours unbroken sleep, so if they go down at 7pm, that means them being awake again at midnight. And then what happens if/when they do wake up?

I'm asking out of genuine curiosity as my DD (who is now a strapping toddler) would never go to sleep that early in the evening. She would cluster feed during the evening and would eventually go to sleep at about 11.30-midnight. Even when she was a bit older (6 months or so), any sleep she had before about 9pm would turn out to be a 40 minute nap, then she'd wake up and be awake for another couple of hours. It has taken a long time and a lot of patience to get her to go to sleep (and stay asleep) in the early evening.

I guess this is where the phrase every baby is different comes in, but I do remember feeling a bit in awe of my friends whose babies went to sleep at 7pm and stayed asleep.

VisualiseAHorse Sat 17-Nov-12 13:00:53

Mine slept 7pm-6am with feeds at 6.30pm, 10-11pm, and 2-3am, when he was being 90% BF (he normally had one bottle feed a day when he was small). Did that from about 3 weeks till he was 5 months, then he stopped the 2-3am feed, and then at 6 months dropped the 10pm feed.

5dcsinneedofacleaner Sat 17-Nov-12 13:03:16

Mine have all stayed with me for all naps and until i go to bed until aroud 6-7 months. dc5 is 8 months now and just recently started having her nap in another downstairs room and goes up to her cot at around 8pm. She sleeps from 8-11 has a feed then has another feed at 4. After this feed she normally just falls asleep in our bed. She is breastfed.

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