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Share some tips to help me be a more relaxed Mum!

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Sutherlandgirl Sun 11-Nov-12 21:31:25

DS is 2.7, DD 7 months, "normal" and generally happy kids......but every little thing seems to stress me out about being a Mum at the moment - particularly DS's total randomness about eating (some days I swear he only consumes about 50 calories!) and the fact that they are constantly ill (the usual winter stuff).

I get stressed out every evening just thinking about what to feed them and cotemplating the mad dash mornings of DS screaming for breakfast (that he then doesn't eat), feeding DD, washing and dressing them, persuading DS that nursery will be fun, honest, dashing home to make mush for DD, and trying to think of what lunch to give DS that he will actually eat!

I'm on maternity leave until DD is one, and DH is Away for half the week with work, so the domestic stuff falls to me.

I have frequent melt downs with the three of them, even though they're not bad kids, and I don't want them growing up with a tense, uptight Mum/wife.

Whilst I really value routine, I also value spontaneity and fun and realise that i need to learn how to chill out more!

I went through something similar when DS was around 7 months, am pretty sure it wasn't as severe as PND but nonetheless felt anxious all the time for no reason, I guess it's maybe a post newborn/BF hormonal come down?

So, what tips do you have to help me chill out and actually enjoy these years of looking after young children?

Polygon Wed 14-Nov-12 20:19:10

...and if they do notice our clothes are not ironed, I´m really past caring! Admittedly the untidyness of our house does get me down, but I find as they´re getting bigger, I can do more washing etc. as they play.

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