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4yo scared about war after Remembrance Sun

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RillaBlythe Sun 11-Nov-12 20:32:09

Dd had a no doubt totally age appropriate talk about Remembrance Sunday in assembly at school last week. The past 3 bedtimes since she has been distressed & upset about people dying, blown up, killing etc. She is quite sensitive. Has anyone else handled this? So far I have not managed to reassure her.

Slothlorien Sun 11-Nov-12 21:31:13

No advice just wanted to empathise. My dd was like this and it doesn't go away. They just discover more and more true things that are horrible and distressing. sad the only comfort is that if you have a highly sensitive child they will experience the full range of emotional life with the connection and love this entails.
'The more sorrow carves into a soul, the more joy it can contain.' don't know where I read this but it helped us.
Communication and cuddles. Find beautiful and hopeful things to balance the shit out there.

RillaBlythe Sun 11-Nov-12 21:50:40

oh thank you Slothlorien. It's horrid isn't it? I can't promise her that there is no war (they were told about Afghanistan else I probably would have gone down that route!) & reassurances that she will not be affected don't really work.... If she were a bit older I think I would take her along to the CND or something so that she could see people working for peace & understand it as more of a political thing, but she is really too young to grasp that sort of thing now.

I need to ring my mum actually as I remember my little brother bursting into tears when a plane was shot down in the Dambusters film - "but there are people in there!".

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