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Gift for second-time Mum

(5 Posts)
gourd Thu 08-Nov-12 15:03:34

I put this in Products but no-one has answered yet so dont know where else to post..

Can anyone help me with a nice and useful gift for a second time around Mum? Colleague’s first child will be two when second baby is born in January. I think Mum still has most of the baby clothes from the first baby, so what would be a good and useful gift? She is leaving work at the end of next week. I could get something for her rather than the baby, but what? If I really cant think of anything will get a winter snowsuit/coat for second child as it’s due in January but thought she will probably already have a lot of clothes from last time as it was a planned baby…. Can spend £20-ish… But dont want to take the easy (dull) optiuon of vouchers!

Kittycatcat Thu 08-Nov-12 16:08:25

I've just had my 2nd and was really pleased people still bought clothes as its nice for him to have some nice new clothes of his own aswell as his big brothers. Could get a baby journal
/ yearbook tho someone else might have the same idea. Baby toy. Nappies-boring but v useful. My friend bought a lovely tree photo frame to put both boys in. Hope this helps.

MadMonkeys Thu 08-Nov-12 16:08:33

Are you able to make her some meals to put in her freezer? That has been the best present people have given me! Or a Moby wrap - I didn't bother with a baby sling with DD1, but my moby has been a lifesaver second time round as it gives me the chance to attend to DD1 while carrying DD2 in the wrap. They are quite pricey though, prob above your budget unless you can get one on offer.

Or if you are the creative type, make up a box with lots of activities for her first child to do while she is busy with the baby - little bags with crayons and a pad, stickers, crafty things to make.

Or if you want something for the baby, go for things that won't have kept that well from the first baby - muslins, bibs, board books, the sort of thing that gets marked with use.

humblebumble Thu 08-Nov-12 16:12:39

You could get the mum a gift. Perhaps some nice body lotion? Get the two year old a pop-up or lift the flap book so they have a gift too and for the baby you could get a nice onesie (in age 3-6 months, not newborn), or something that says first CHristmas on it with the year?

Goldenjubilee10 Thu 08-Nov-12 16:19:05

Vouchers might be the easy option but I don't think they are dull. Ds's 1&2 are 23 months apart and I was given piles of clothes for both of them when they were born some of which they grew out of before they had worn them. if the baby is the opposite sex it may be different. I used any vouchers to buy new clothes for ds1 which were eventually passed down to ds2.

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