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social services

(2 Posts)
robkaren Mon 05-Nov-12 13:36:28

hi, new on here so please bear with me,

long story,,,, basically our 16 year old left home because he thinks we didnt like his girlfriend. signed himself into care, telling everyone loads of lies, got a social worker etc etc. this was 8 months ago.. a month ago he decides to accuse me of beating up his 14 year old brother.. got investigated by ss who found no truth in his allegations. so now they have decided to investigate his mum for medical/emotional neglect ? obviously she is worried sick. we seem to think a lot of this is due to my wife contacting the ss review body who escalated her questions to them to a formal complaint about our sons sw, we have also been excluded from any review about him, we think for the same reasons.

ss have said that they need to have a meeting with us and other "professionals about the neglect allegations as they have evidence to prove this? our 14 year old has medical problems, we have argued about his tratments/diagnosis but never withheld any treatment or failed to attend appiontments for him, what can we do, we dont want our dirty washing aired in public ( medical records, etc). they have said we should bring a solicitor with us, obviously that costs a lot of money which we just dont have,,,

any advive/help would be greatly appreciated

HilaryClinton Mon 05-Nov-12 14:42:16

My advice is get a solicitor.

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