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Silly question (maybe) about reusable nappies....

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JoGehani Mon 05-Nov-12 11:11:50

Hi all,

I'm using folded muslins as nappies (with ME wraps) for my 4 wo DS but I will soon be moving on to Easypeasy bumbles. I just have one question - are they good for his posture and developement given how bulky they are ?? I'm finding the muslins to be bulky and I'm sure the bumbles are going to be even bulkier. When he's sleeping, he bum seems to be up in the air and I somehow cannot help thinking that he may not be comfortable in them ?


wewereherefirst Mon 05-Nov-12 11:22:53

Congratulations! Does he seem to sleep well? Sposie nappies are only a recent invention- the last 30years or so and most of us survived with good posture and development. My DS2 is 9 months, cloth bummed and is just starting to walk, so there's no problems there.

Have you looked at other options for cloth? Bumgenius XS, Tots Bots teenyfits etc? They're a bit trimmer x

ZuleikaD Mon 05-Nov-12 11:34:39

Both mine have been cloth-nappied, although we do use disposables at night just because they can take more moisture. Cloth nappies are actually supposed to be better for posture because they provide more support. If your DS is sleeping well in them then I don't think you need to worry.

NeedlesCuties Mon 05-Nov-12 17:56:02

One thing I noticed when using foldable flat nappies (with a waterproof wrap over the top) is that the more they're washed the better they fold and it takes away a bit of the bulk.

I think if your DS was upset he'd soon let you know.

Rhubarbgarden Mon 05-Nov-12 19:56:15

I used cloths with dd until she was 12 months when I found they got too leaky because she was so active. No probs at all with posture; she was walking slightly earlier than average. She slept through the night with them on without any bother and I'm sure if she hadn't been comfy that would not have been the case.

PurplePidjin Mon 05-Nov-12 21:06:50

Muslins aren't very absorbent, is there a particular reason you chose those over traditional terry, prefolds or modern shaped styles?

bumperella Mon 05-Nov-12 21:20:23

I use BumGenius one-size nappies; they seemed pretty bulky when DD was tiny but it didn't seem to inconvenience her any. She started crawling at 8mnths and walking at 13 months, hasn't got any wierd posture etc so don't think is problem.

JoGehani Thu 08-Nov-12 22:35:45

Thanks all !!
DS does sleep well... So i guess i'm worrying for no reason (I seem to be doing that a lot these days) smile

PurplePidjin, I was only using musliuns as it was recommended by the nappy lady for early weeks... I will soon move on to Bumbles smile

PurplePidjin Thu 08-Nov-12 22:54:56

Ah, ok. I'm stocked up on prefolds, from practising on a teddy they look a bit more streamlined!

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