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Help me understand my newborn & his sleeping habits!

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LovelyWeatherForDucks Wed 31-Oct-12 20:18:41

I suspect the responses I get will be 'it's normal!' but would like your thoughts...he's three weeks old smile

Feeding/sleeping- I am breastfeeding, and he takes an hour to feed each time (normal? my milk? His latch?) He then falls aleep at the breast, but as soon as I try to move him(even in deep sleep) he wakes up crying after a few mins - usually showing more hunger signs and the cycle starts again! I can sometimes slither him onto the bed or sofa next to me, but not the moses basket, and not often for long. I'm worried he's not sleeping enough and feel terrible that I can't seem to help him sleep. Rocking/shhing/patting him to sleep can take an hour - even when he's yawning- by which point he is hungry again! He never seems settled after a feed (i always wake him and offer him second side to try and make sure he is full) and doesn't often bring up wind - but often wakes farting and looking very uncomfy. I know he is getting overtired but with his feeding pattern it seems impossible to avoid!

I've tried him in a swing, a sling, bouncy chair, swaddle with limited success! I just want him(and me!) to get some good sleep - apart! He tends to eat for an hour and nap for 30 mins then it begins again. I rarely get an hour to myself day or night - and when I do he's usually snoozing somewhere I can't leave him unsupervised. We are co sleeping while I recover from my c section but don't feel comfortable keeping it up.

I know he is still tiny and needs me for comfort and I love the cuddles - I'm just worried I'm doing something wrong and letting him down, not encouraging sleep or not realising he's uncomfy or doing something wrong with breastfeeding. Wish I could understand him better - and I feel terrible for getting frustrated with him when he's so little and doesn't understand the world yet. How can I help him sleep and encourage good habits??

Thank you!!

smileyhappymummy Wed 31-Oct-12 20:22:29

Short reply as typing one handed whilst feeding but yes, normal in my experience anyway. Maybe get mw / hv or bf drop in to check latch but if gaining weight, weeing and pooing probably fine. Also, don't worry about forming habits at this stage, just go with the flow! And congratulations!

SirBoobAlot Wed 31-Oct-12 20:24:09

You're not doing anything wrong at all smile

There are no such things as good and bad habits for babies. They're babies. They need you to take care of them, and you are doing just that.

Afraid the "not getting a moment to myself" thing comes with the territory, though it does get easier. And you learn to understand them better; remember, you've only known him for three weeks.

Wonder if it might be worth finding your local breastfeeding drop in, if nothing else they might be able to set your mind at rest for how normal this is.

The first six weeks are so tough, but look - you're already half way through the hardest bit!

Congratulations smile

Loislane78 Wed 31-Oct-12 20:43:54

I found co-sleeping to be really good in this situation. I was nervous at first and never slept deeply when she was in the bed (although didn't when she was in the basket either with all the noises!) but just the relaxation of it and light snoozing made a big difference to overall tiredness.

You stop worrying about the transition at the end of the feed, when they then get upset and you're back to sq 1. Just whip a boob out and let em use it as a pillow when they're done - you'll both get more rest smile They'll start going in their basket soon enough.

Top tip, put a thin cotton blanket or something under you/LO to catch any milk or poo leakages and save your sheets.

Enjoy smile

nkf Wed 31-Oct-12 20:48:59

At that age, they do what they like. There are various books about getting them into routines so you can go back to your bank job when they're six weeks old but sod that. Do you have things you have to do? If not, I would suggest you sort out a picnic every day and take up a position on the sofa. Flask of sugary tea, baby, TV remote close by. I wouldn't wake him to offer the other side. I would never ever wake a sleeping baby. Congratulations.

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