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Please share your 1 year old (or near abouts) feeding schedule

(23 Posts)
LoveYouForeverMyBaby Wed 31-Oct-12 16:28:22

Currently we're doing:

7am 200mls formula
9am breakfast (good hearty brekkie)
11am 200mls formula
1pm lunch (untouched usually)
3pm snack (banana etc)
5pm dinner (okay ish)
7pm 200mls formula

Please share yours.

QTPie Wed 31-Oct-12 17:15:30


Appetite is likely to go up and down depending on teething/growth/illness etc.

Personally would move the 11am formula to 3pm and maybe reduce it or even get rid of it or the banana. Maybe move dinner a little later (5.30pm?)

What formula is the baby on? Toddler follow on milk/formula or something else. Looks as though they are filling up on formula.


SkiBumMum Wed 31-Oct-12 17:25:22

5.30 supposed to be 6.30 bloody hour change 6oz cows milk
6.45ish weetabix/shreddies/readybrek, fruit
7.45ish toast

12ish lunch usually cooked

4.30/5ish tea cheese on toast etc or cooked if not at lunch

6.45 6oz cows milk. Sometimes cereal supper (if big Sis is)

Breadstick/ricecake/biscuit/yog/fruit snacks in between.

BlingBubbles Wed 31-Oct-12 17:30:26

My DD's food schedule:

530-6:3am: bottle of cows milk, normally about 6ounces but can vary.

7:30am: has a few spoonfuls of DH's breakfast

9:30am: breakfast, can be anything from toast to cereal, fruit and yogurt

12:30 - 13:30: lunch

15:00: snack, usually fruit or something similar

17:30: dinner

19:30: bottle of cows milk, sometimes drinks a whole bottle sometimes just an ounce, depends how well she has eaten during the day.

QTPie Wed 31-Oct-12 17:51:32

Thought it sounded familiar - - still having problems?

iWILLdothis Wed 31-Oct-12 18:42:52

DS just turned one. Down to only one bottle of milk (1+ alpro soya) per day (going to bed) and his appetite has improved so so so much since we quit the formula. It is packed full of calories & fats that fill them up so they don't eat solids. Dietitian assures me he is getting enough calcium & dairy with cheese, yoghurt, White sauces etc. So I recommend you cut down the formula & you'll notice an increase in appetite for solids & mealtimes will be more satisfying & less stressful. HTH

Iggly Wed 31-Oct-12 19:05:14

6.30am boob
7 breakfast (we all eat together)
9am boob if with me
10/1030am snack
12 lunch
1pm milk before nap
3pm snack
5pm tea
6.30pm bedtime boob
10pm boob
4am boob

She doesn't have dairy so I'm happy to give her plenty of milk. She eats a lot of solids too.

Ragwort Wed 31-Oct-12 19:11:06

I agree with iWill - I'd stopped breast/bottle feeding by about 10 months and DS was just eating a normal, healthy diet and drinking cow's milk with meals (out of a cup - personally I loathe bottles for 'older' babies, but that's just me grin). Just give your baby a balanced diet and it will be fine.

LoveYouForeverMyBaby Wed 31-Oct-12 19:42:21

Hi QT things have improved greatly, no more hysterics or tears during meal times, and she eats breakfast and dinner really well, but still refusing lunch. Thinking it must be she's filling up on milk at 11am as she eats dinner well and she has no milk from 11am til bedtime so must be that.

Thinking no more 11am milk? At all?

7am bottle
9am breakfast
11am snack or 2 oz milk?
1pm lunch
3pm snack
5.30pm dinner

What do you think?

LoveYouForeverMyBaby Wed 31-Oct-12 19:47:02

Or maybe 2 bottles a day am and pm for now but none during the day?

Iggly Wed 31-Oct-12 19:52:41

What about a bedtime bottle?

Don't forget babies and toddlers need higher fat in their diet than we do so milk is important. It's for their brain development.

EugenesAxe Wed 31-Oct-12 20:01:32

DD one this week... I do 200mls of formula/cows milk combined (with view to cows milk entirely at age 1) about 8am.

Porridge or toast with fruit & perhaps yoghurt around 8.20am (not been so great eating porridge recently).
Lunch about 12.30pm (sometimes eats well, sometimes terribly).
200mls milk about 3pm.
Dinner about 5.30pm (usually OK).

I don't give a snack as par for the course but I don't stop her if we're at playgroups and stuff. I might give out a breadstick if she's complaining and hasn't eaten well at lunch. I need to drop the first milk as it's putting her off breakfast... or move it to after solids.

Foodwise she has a homemade meal for lunch but as she tends to be more fickle about those (they're pretty lumpy and textured), I usually do her half an Ella's (or equivalent) stage 3 pouch with cereal and cheese or white sauce for tea. She will generally eat that without complaint.

RonettePulaski Wed 31-Oct-12 20:08:12

8ish breakfast, toast / muesli/ eggs
May be some milk (cow) she's not mad about it though
12ish lunch sandwiches / eggs / whatever
Some fruit at some point
May be a swig or two of milk
6ish dinner, whatever we're having and fruit and or yoghurt for pud

She just has the same as us really. She's 13 mths

Overreactionoftheweek Wed 31-Oct-12 20:12:19

DS just turned 1 last Saturday and he really isn't fussed about food. I get so stressed about it but he's still between the 50-75th percentile like he always was and he has a lovely double chin and chubby belly at the mo!

0530 (bastard clock change) - 6oz cow's milk
0730 - weetabix
He'll have a biscuit or oat bar thing at some point mid morning
1200 - lunch - completely rejected his cheese sarnie but ate the satsuma today
Again, another snack mid afternoon, carrot muffin or something
1700 - dinner - he's got a terrible cold and cough at the mo so gave him some toast with marmalade on plus a yoghurt
Didn't want his milk before bed but expect his cough will wake him in the night and he'll have it then.

Plus he also scavenges from anyone silly enough to eat in front of him! So he had a load of bread off my plate today. Just realised he's had a hugely carb loaded day, oops!

Misty9 Wed 31-Oct-12 20:50:16

Ds is nearly 14 months and tbh food has always been a bit of a stressful thing. He has a very changeable appetite and even cutting out feeds during the day didn't particularly increase this. Our day normally goes:

7am, boob feed
8am, breakfast - cereal/toast etc, a bite or two but not much generally.
10.30am - snack (cheese, fruit etc)
12pm ish - lunch, whatever we are having (sandwiches, drop scones, scrambled egg, jacket spud etc) sometimes eats, sometimes doesn't.
3pm ish - snack, often hungriest around this time and has cows milk in beaker and biscuits (or whatever he'll eat!)
5.30pm - dinner, whatever we're eating. Sometimes eat, sometimes doesn't. If refuses then offer toast, yoghurt or fruit.

Throughout the day he has access to water and cows milk most the time too. He's been really suffering with teething and colds since turning one it seems, so has fallen back on milk more I think. I try not to stress and as long as he's eating something each day - and this is vaguely balanced over a week - then I know he won't starve himself smile

featherbag Thu 01-Nov-12 22:49:55

DS is 13mo, he has (typical examples, not the same stuff every day!) 1 weetabix with cow's milk and half a banana for breakfast 7-8.30am with a cup of cow's milk; approx 10.30am he has about 4-5ozs milk, fruit or rice cakes etc., lunch today was 2/3 of a toastie made with a warburton's sandwich thin, a slice of naice ham and some mozzarella, some melon and some mango; he had an ella's nibbly bar thing with 4-5ozs milk after swimming at 3pm; tea was about 5.30pm and he had macaroni cheese with chopped courgette and mushroom, with a yogurt for afters. After his bath he had 6ozs warm milk (from a bottle!) and, as usual, fell asleep just as he drank the last of it.

featherbag Thu 01-Nov-12 22:50:46

Should add, he has pretty much unlimited water/very diluted juice throughout the day, but limited after 5pm as otherwise he wakes at 11pm in a puddle!

YeahBuddy Thu 01-Nov-12 23:05:52

On a typical day when the DTs are not in nursery;
8.30am Breakfast - toast/porridge etc with a cup of cows milk
1pm Lunch (although this varies depending on how long nap time has been) - some type of sandwich, fruit and veg cut up, beans on toast, scrambled eggs, soup etc
5pm Dinner - pretty much whatever I'm having with some fruit or a yogurt for pudding.
Cup of cows milk before bed, around 7.30pm

They also have juice/water during the day and snacks - fruit, biscuits, breadsticks etc.

They just turned one on Sunday but this routine has been going for a few months now (except the cows milk, they had formula up until last week).

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 02-Nov-12 12:49:55

Love the NHS recommend 399ml of full fat cows milk per day from 12 to 24 months and this includes milk used in cooking. So you can save yourself some money and stop the formula altogether.

How about giving a milky breakfast like weetabix or ready brek and just bedtime milk?

Fuzzymum1 Fri 02-Nov-12 20:37:17

He's almost 6 now but from memory I think it went something like:

8am: 4oz EBM
8.30: Breakfast (usually cereal or toast)
10.30: snack - usually fruit
12pm: Lunch - something like french toast or ham sandwich, and some veggies like cucumber or celery sticks
2pm: 4oz EBM and a snack - breadsticks/cheese cubes etc
5pm: Dinner - quite often something leftover from our dinner the night before or a portion of casserole or similar from the freezer (I cooked toddler friendly meals in bulk.)
6pm 4oz EBM and into bed.

At 12 months old he was sleeping 14 hours straight at night so we packed a lot of food into the 10 hours he was awake.

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 02-Nov-12 20:56:16

That should be 300ml per dayblush

Fuzzymum1 Sat 03-Nov-12 12:23:34

LOL, I did think that 399ml was very specific!

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 03-Nov-12 16:46:59

Yes, that would be very specific wouldn't it! Can imagine loads of threads about babies having 1ml over or under grin

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