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Weekends - Before and After Baby

(2 Posts)
Cbell Sun 28-Oct-12 15:52:49

My DD is a delightful 22 months and full of energy. We have the usual week day routines but things are always a bit different on the weekends. Saturday tends to be a day out but Sunday is the day I miss the most.

Sunday's used to be started with a long lie-in, DH and I would go for a long run. Followed by a long breakfast. We'd cook something delicious. I might bake. It was a day that we spent doing what we wanted in each others company but not necessarily together.

Now my DH sometimes takes the morning shift and I take the afternoon so we each get some time of our own. It works but I miss the lazy days we shared.

I was just wondering how other people occupy there little ones on a cold, wet Sunday afternoons? What's changed and what works in your house?

trixie123 Sun 28-Oct-12 18:42:37

hah- much as you say, we used to do lie-ins, wander round a market buying expensive organic stuff, possibly nursing a hangover, go to the pictures or watch films / cricket / F1. Now, with a 3 and 1 year old, we take turns to do the early shift, I take them out if there's an F1 on so DH can watch the start at least in peace, then maybe swimming or soft play or park, otherwise just loafing around trying to get stuff done, usually one at a time. LOs play trains, bed-bouncing, stickers and quite a lot of TV often

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