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Anyone else still using white noise at 6/7 months?

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ilovetomatoes Sat 27-Oct-12 11:49:24


My DS is a terrible napper, he just won't settle himself and he gets hysterical when he's overtired. I watch for the signs and try to catch him before he gets to this stage but it doesn't seem to help. The only thing I can do to calm him down is to put on white noise, even when we're out during the day I use the iPad! I feel really embarrassed abut this,I can't sooth my own child! Plus he is starting nursery soon so I'm worried about how he will cope without it during the day....I'm so stressed about it. Any advice gratefully received!

MadameJ Sat 27-Oct-12 12:14:15

Hi my dd still has white noise at 22 months, I dont see it as a problem some babies have dummies etc, my dd needs a bit of background noise (although its only on very low volume now). If its working then why change it, and in regards to nursery you will probably find your dc behaves very differently and they will find out what works for them. Hope that helps.

ilovetomatoes Sat 27-Oct-12 13:53:01

Thanks madamej, that's reassuring. I get a lot of strange looks when we're out and I have to use it. Most of the time it instantly calms him down so I know he is just tired and needs to nap but fights it!

waterrat Sat 27-Oct-12 20:26:37

you can soothe your own child - you are using white noise to help him calm down!

I am definitely still using white noise - all the time! DS is 6 months and lots of babies I know of his age still have it - why not? It is soothing and helps them relax and switch off - they are still little - and anyway, sleep isn't some switch you flick - adults use all sorts of things to help themselves relax to sleep - wine/ a hot bath/ reading/ listening to quiet music - babies are like us, they can't just suddenly fall asleep anymore than you can.

DS wakes up sometimes, I turn the hair dryer on he falls asleep again straight away!

I think you are being very hard on yourself if you think a 6/7 month old should be able to just self settle/ fall asleep anywhere with no props or help.....I think that would be very unusual . and as Madame J says most babies (my own included) use dummies....

ConstantCraving Sat 27-Oct-12 21:45:21

Mine had white noise til over 2 years old! if it works, why not?

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