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sleeping :(

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hannahkj19 Thu 25-Oct-12 10:22:57

so ds goes down to bed lovely at 7pm everynight and settles himself within 5 minutes and he was sleeping through. Recently he was unwell and was teething and now he's in the habit of waking for a bottle in the night. We've tried to get him off it again but he just keeps waking for it and some nights will go without but most nights he just screams until he gets one! How can we get him to give it up again?

Also he just will not nap in the day unless i go for a walk or if i rock him or at a push if i let him sit on me and slowly drift off but that results in a lot of screaming! How can i get a nap out of him?! he's only 8months so he really does need one otherwise he's exhuasted come the afternoon but he has never been a daytime sleeper so i appreciate he only wants/needs one nap in the middle of the day

TIA xxx

FeelTheFearButDoItAnyway Fri 26-Oct-12 19:39:22

He will need a nap but sometimes they can be so persistent in resisting! Try to create a predictable time & cue for him whatever that may be that suits you both. As for night times, if a bottle suits you so that you can get some sleep then just do it! If you really don't want him to have one you will have to do a settling technique instead, again choosing the best one that suits you i.e. controlled crying etc.

lola88 Sun 28-Oct-12 06:56:28

I'm trying something to get rid of night time bottles at the moment, you start to water down the formula every other night until it's just water then i'm told they will stop waking. I posted about it during the week because i was worried about changing the ratio but it seems it's fine to do. The person who reccommended it had a 9mo old taking 2 bottles a night and with in 10 days was sleeping through.

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