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Mad sleep solution?

(8 Posts)
goodstuffhappens Thu 25-Oct-12 07:28:06

I have a 20 month DD and I gave birth two days ago. Last night, until 1am, the baby was crying, feeding and waking every 45 minutes. Things were looking a bit desperate partucularly as i am at quite a high risk of PND. Due to feeling v tired and emotional, I asked husband to pop to spare room and put the baby next to my chest. She fell asleep straight away. So i cleared the bed of duvet, pillows etc and slept just me and her. She slept through! I feel human and ready for the day with both my children. I know I can't leave her longer than 5 hours without a feed but if I woke her to feed her, would you think I was mad to continue with this sleeping arrangement for a while? My concerns are SIDS and her being noble to sleep any other way.

ZombTEE Thu 25-Oct-12 07:33:44

Co-sleeping rocks. Keep doing it!

Marmiteisyummy Thu 25-Oct-12 08:27:39

Co sleeping was the only way I survived with DS. It's actually really nice too! Keep doing it!!

Marmiteisyummy Thu 25-Oct-12 08:33:40

Oh and to answer concerns, I think so long as its just you and you've cleared her bit of the bed of any soft bits (duvets etc) and you keep an eye on her temp overnight (usually one less layer when cosleeping) then I think it should be fine. In an ideal world of course baby sleeps separately, but you have to sleep.
You could try a bedside cot as a half way measure if worried.
I coslept with DS til he was 4/5 months, then into a cot at earlier and earlier stages in the night. By 8 months he was sleeping I his cot, from about 7pm-5am, straight. Don't worry about making a rod for your back or such nonsense. Your baby only knows you and is making it clear she needs you. Nothing wrong with that. Some people cosleep for years which was not right for me, but nothing wrong with it.
Hope the sleep continues.

Poledra Thu 25-Oct-12 08:37:29

I co-slept with DD3 - only way to save my sanity! And she's now 4 and sleeps in her own bed no problem, except when she's ill (and that applies to most children, doesn't it?).

I guess the difference is that DH also stayed in the bed with us - we hav a king-size so there was space for a little baby in between us! We would not have done it with DD1, as DH was paranoid that he'd roll on her but, by baby no. 3, he realised that actually, no, he wouldn't (neither of us smoke and he slept elsewhere if he'd had a drink, mind you).

Melmagpie Thu 25-Oct-12 11:10:08

I co-slept with both mine - the first dd wouldn't sleep anywhere else so it was needs must, and it worked so well i did it with no 2 as well.

The rules are be careful with pillows and duvets, and never co sleep if you've drunk alcohol or have taken medication that can make you drousy. But apart from that evidence from other cultures is that it is actually incredibly safe because you are so tuned in with each other.

So, either have baby in a grobag and you with cellular blanket, or something like that.

Don't put baby next to dad as they are not tuned in in the same way.

You could also get one of those co sleeper cots which might make it easier to wean out of your bed sooner. But in my view, no rush!

Oh - we invested in a superkingsize bed which made it all completely comfortable for all and we were a whole family in bed together - lovely!

sparklekitty Thu 25-Oct-12 21:03:03

This is almost exactly what has happened with us (minus the older DC - DD is our first) Our DD won't really be put down after quite a traumatic birth and a sore head after ventouse. She is now 4 weeks and we've been co-sleeping since about 10 days (in which we got hardly got any sleep)

We never planned on co-sleeping and ideally she'd be in her own moses basket but still...we need sleep and to stay sane and she needs to feel safe, which she obviously doesn't in the moses basket.

Saying that, I've actually really enjoyed it and love snuggling up with her at night, plus the feeding is so much easier, just get the boobs out, latch her on and snooze away smile

ThePinkNinja Fri 26-Oct-12 09:08:56

We co sleep here too.... Little man is 5 weeks and hubby moved to guest room... I just wasn't getting enough rest and baby will sleep next to me. It was the same 2 years ago with ds1 but we had a massive (California king size) bed so no one had to leave... If your DH is ok with being out then I say go for it smile

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