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Employing a nanny- what the hell do I ask them?

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Cbell Wed 24-Oct-12 20:36:53

OK, so this is going to sound stupid but I've never interviewed anyone before.

I'm think of employing a part time nanny. After placing an add I've had a few people contact me. They've left messages on my phone ( I was too scared to answer).

Not sure why I've turned into a wreak over this but I some how think that employing a nanny well sounds rather 'posh' and rich. I'm neither just needing to get out a few mornings a week and feel this is the best option for me and my DD.

I just want someone nice to help with childcare but I've no idea what to ask or how to structure an interview. Also what is the standard pay and employment law (as in length of contract, trial periods? )

Advice needed.

Orangelephantshavewrinkles Thu 25-Oct-12 07:56:50

Am a TA in a school have never been a nanny but I will have a go at answering. Start with explaining why you want nanny. I would if at all possible want o see their past CRB. Also get at least two references one being their most recent job.
Question 1
What experience have you had?
Question 2
What are your qualities?
Question 3
Give them a senarion question ie what would you do if DD had done x

I would also set up a play opportunity so that potential nanny DD can ply together. You could see a lot from that.

valiumredhead Thu 25-Oct-12 09:22:06

I would suggest having two interviews with anyone hopeful, so you can just go on first impressions and how they behave around the dcs and then the second interview you can hash out all the pay details/holiday leave etc,

Melmagpie Thu 25-Oct-12 11:02:11

how old is your dd? if toddler good questions are around how they deal with tantrums, discipline, and see if that chimes with your own philosophy.

Other ideas:
1. how would you spend a rainy day inside with dd?
2. what would you do if it was a sunny day?
3. Are you first aid trained/would you be willing to get training?
4. What do you enjoy about working with children?

Come up with a list of questions but ideally it should be a fluid two-way chat - if it doesn't turn into that you have to ask how well you're going to get on. And agree that you should see her play with your dd so you get a sense of how imaginative she is and how she clicks with your dd.

I've interviewed a few and it's pretty easy to know when you've found one you like - most I didn't!! But when you do your gut just knows. For me it's about finding someone kind and sensible who is also intelligent and creative enough to really engage with your child and have good ideas on how to spend time with them.

Once you've found someone you really like, you can sort out contracts etc. There is a topic on here nannies and childminders where you can get help with that. if it's a nanny you are supposed to pay their tax etc etc and have a contract.

It's important you find someone you feel comfortable with because they do end up seeing parts of your life that you don't normally show - e.g. trashed kitchen, overloaded washing basket, etc!!!

Good luck - I was like you and felt ridiculous - nanny sounded so posh. But i'ts a godsend to have a bit of help and also if the person is right brilliant for dc to have another positive influence in their life.

Cbell Thu 25-Oct-12 21:19:41

I think one of my problems is that I could end up employing the wrong person out of politeness!

Thanks for the suggestions.

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