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Veggie dodging toddler.

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caramelised Mon 22-Oct-12 12:33:19

Subject says it all really. My 16 month DD who was weaned on every exotic combo under the sun (or so I thought) has been dodging any kind of discernible vegetable, other than ORANGE coloured ones ;), for the last 3 months.
She will not let anything green pass her lips. So I hide everything in anything etc. She will hoover up pumpkin/sweet potato/butternut squash. But any raw vegetable - also a resounding NO. Doctor says "she is a toddler, get used to it". But it bothers me!
We never have battles, I offer her veggies plus things she likes (pasta, humus sandwiches, fruit, fishcakes etc) plus i hide extra. Then she very carefully picks the vegetables off her plate and makes a neat pile on her tray ....

Ummm. Any advice, she is a PFB so I don't know if this is entirely normal. I am being patient at the moment, and presuming there ain't a lot I can do. Also hoping someone will tell me their's was like this now eats salads 3x a day.


vodkaanddietirnbru Mon 22-Oct-12 12:35:48

my dc's are 6 and 8 and hate veggies apart from broccoli (dd eats with cheese sauce and ds dips it in ketchup!) - they used to eat others but refuse them now. They do like fruits though. Sounds perfectly normal to me.

Fuzzymum1 Mon 22-Oct-12 12:42:25

It's quite normal. My five year old would eat anything, literally anything at a year old, now he refuses meat most of the time unless it's mince, sausages etc. He also now refuses most veggies having loved veggies before. I don't stress about it. I keep putting them on his plate, he keeps ignoring them. I have two teenaged boys who were exactly the same if not worse and now my 18yo will eat most veggies and my 14yo is getting much better. I have always lived by the motto "It's my job to provide a nutritious meal, it's his job to eat it" - ie there is nothing I can do that will make him eat something he doesn't want to.

Handsfulloffun Mon 22-Oct-12 12:45:32

I think its pretty normal smile

DT's were weaned on all sorts and went through a phase of not eating meat then fruit and veg, they have gone back to eating it all again - for now. Although they dont eat 3 salads a day wink

How is she with things in sauce ? Would she eat a vegetable bake in cheese sauce ? Is that what you mean about hiding it ?

Homemade veggie soups - we used to put ours in a doidy cup to make it easier for them to eat / drink.

I grate veg in to cottage pies and spag bol, pasta sauces etc

We found they ate more when around lots of other people so at family and friends even at pubs/restaurants.

Good Luck, I am sure she will just decide one day that she loves vegetables again, but she will probably stop liking all the things she has always liked - just to keep you on your toes wink

noblegiraffe Mon 22-Oct-12 12:58:44

Your DD eats orange veg? envy My DS (3) won't eat any. You're doing really well!

caramelised Mon 22-Oct-12 12:58:45

Thanks all. I think i just needed to hear that she is brilliantly normal smile

Yes i do things like grate extra veg into meatloaf (which she adores) and hide all kinds of things in pasta sauces. But if i hide veg under something and try and give it to her on a spoon I get an angry scowl - spit out - and "NO MAMA". So there we go. She is definitely better if she is in a restaurant or with other toddlers.

I was just feeling a little paranoid after hanging out with a friend's toddler who ate bloody EVERYTHING green beans, cucumber, peas bla blah. I thought all children liked peas? Apparently not mine.

So i will carry on providing and stayed chilled.
Thanks for the encouragement.

caramelised Mon 22-Oct-12 12:59:41

noblegiraffe - i should probably fess up that she eats steamed/baked orange veg but only when sprinkled with grated parmesan haha!

vodkaanddietirnbru Mon 22-Oct-12 16:35:43

I have photographic evidence of dd and ds eating both sweetcorn and peas (only petit pois though) but they will not touch them now

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