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Tongue tie clipped again - feeding getting worse - feel terrible

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frustratedgodess Sun 21-Oct-12 12:08:51

Hi all - my DS is 9 weeks old - he had a tongue tie clipped at 6 days old ,he was breast fed initially with top ups due to low blood sugars - he's my 4th child and was a terrible breast feeder and I sadly converted to full bottle feeding at 2 weeks, he has always been a frequent feeder taking small amounts and vast amounts of air , his technique is awful . We have been through 5 different formulas, 4 different bottles/teats , have seen a consultant Paed who thought he had a milk allergy( I really don't think this is the case , he gulps huge amount of air feeding), and finally saw a feeding specialist who said some tongue tie remained. This was clipped on Friday and since then he has got much worse and is miserable. I'm at my wits end and in tears most of the time , my other children are desperate for my attention but I'm nearly always having to console or feed a thoroughly irritated baby, I'm sick with worry that he'll not gain weight as his milk intake is nowhere near enough. I just feel distraught and guilty about the clipping.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 21-Oct-12 22:27:38

frustrated really sorry to hear that feeding is so stressful. Pease stick your post in the breast & bottle section as you are bond to get a few more replies in there.

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