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Good sex education books from 9 years old and upwards

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Rubineski Sun 21-Oct-12 11:29:42

My DS is 9 and we talk openly about a lot of things. He is aware of different types of families (he has gay grandparents, we are a 'blended' family ourselves). And I have always tried to be honest in reply to his questions (just making sure to make it age appropriate).

I am aware that is coming up to puberty and want to make sure he has a useful book or two, to support any chats we may have.

I remember I had a book at his age for girls (called 'Have you started yet?') and I've found a few on Amazon that look like they may be good - 'My Body, Myself, for boys' by Lynda Madaras. And 'Puberty Boy' by Geoff Price. Has anyone got any other recommendations?

I'm also interested in planning for a few years time when he's in secondary school. Again, I had a great book from my parents called 'Make it happy, Make it safe' which focused on just about everything - from periods and contraception, to sex, erections, abortion, sexuality, etc.

In fact, it was so popular that it did the rounds of my year at a girls' school - I've kept it as a memory of that time - it's so well thumbed and dog eared!
It had a lot of good stuff about having healthy, safe relationships.

Is there a modern version of that book??

Thanks in advance for your help.

Fuzzymum1 Sun 21-Oct-12 12:10:21

Around 9 or 10 we bought our eldest "let's talk about sex' which he found to be very useful in answering those questions he was too embarrassed to ask or to help him phrase the questions he did want to ask. I gave it to him and then said that if there was anything he didn't understand or wanted to ask he could ask either of us. He did ask a few questions. We've always be open with the kids and when DS2 reached a similar age it was passed on to him and DS1 (who was about 13 at the time) was given "Living with a willy' which is more suited to early teens than younger kids.

WeAreSix Sun 21-Oct-12 12:22:05

I've just got 'hair in funny places' by Babette Cole. It's very gentle and a good first introduction into puberty and how it changes boys and girls.

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