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I'm about to go mad

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schilke Sat 20-Oct-12 08:24:58

I have 4 dc. 2 boys - 14 & 12 and 2 girls - 8 & 6. The boys are easy. Hardly ever argue and get on with each other ok. The girls are not the same. From the moment they get up they start arguing & fighting.

It used to be that dd2 would be the aggressor and dd1 play the victim - not quite the same now. It is just general complaining, snatching, hitting, shouting get the picture.

How do I stop it? We have been up an hour and already they have snatched paper off each other, argued and dd2 hit dd1. I just feel exhausted by it. I hate the weekends - dh usually working.

Dd1 does overreact in a high pitched way and this does wind me up. The odd thing is dd1 had a sleepover the other weekend and dd2 was almost in years in bed because dd1 wasn't there!

I just want to cry. I am permanently in a bad mood.

ThePinkNinja Sat 20-Oct-12 13:17:00

Sorry I don't have any good advice, sad but it's sounds tough. just wanted to bumpy your thread and offer some encouragement

Hopefully someone will be along soon with some good advice.....


Fluffanstuff Sat 20-Oct-12 14:53:10

What sort of thing is it that they normally argue over ? ... or is it just everything !

If its possessions and toys what I can suggest is that each girl has a basket , one each they are allowed to fill that basket with their favourite things , things they don't want to share. Explain to each girl to respect that fact and then all the toys that aren't in the box are to be shared with no arguments.

Also sticker charts , At their age around 8 rules is achievable , Pick things they have most problems with. Just on a hunch they are probably playing up for attention so maybe if they get a certain number of stickers over the week they get 20/30 mins with you alone playing a game or something that they choose.

Have the conversation with them let them know that their behaviour is making you unhappy and tell them that you don't like having to sort out their arguments. They Need to understand this is making you grouchy.

If the boys are well behave without reminders make some alone time for them too ... or some other reward , perhaps a dvd after the girls have gone to bed or something just to make sure they know you appreciate their good behaviour.

I hope some of these ideas help xx

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