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Preparing older dc(7) for new baby

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Wiggy29 Thu 18-Oct-12 08:59:00

Asking in advance in case of any issues! DS has been only child/ grandchild for nearly 8 years and as dp and I seperated for about 4 of those, he is used to having the full attention of dp or I for a chunk of that time. We got back together 2 years ago and he's adapted fine (he had no memory of us being together first time round) but I'm concerned that within the next 6 months my bro&SIL are having a baby and we will be too.

So far, ds has just been hugely excited but I'm aware he may feel a bit neglected when ds2 comes along. We've tried to do little things like getting him to be more independent (tidying room, putting own shoes on etc) but just said it's because he's getting older (rather than because I'll have less time to do those things things when ds2 born).

The other day we had a first glimpse of jealousy when we were discussing possible names for ds2 and ds1 was a bit miffed that one of them was 'cooler' than his name. It began us wondering what measures others had taken to help prepare an older dc for the arrival of their new siblings. All ideas greatly appreciated! smile

mashedpotatohead Thu 18-Oct-12 16:43:03

Hi Wiggy, I would recommend getting DS as involved as possible in preparing for the baby.

I don't know if you have to do a nursery up but perhaps you can talk about ideas together? Or have two ideas (that you like) & ask him to make the decision? Maybe he could choose the baby's middle name, again out of several ones you like?

We talked about how important a big brother was & prepared him in terms of the baby would need alot of attention. Me & DH tried to spend a bit of time every day with DS to catch up & find out what his day was like. We also bought a gift from baby for DS.

Hope that help, good luck!

Wiggy29 Fri 19-Oct-12 19:57:30

It might be a bit dangerous to allow him to be involved in name, he has questionable taste! I like allowing him to pick a middle name and allowing him to help with nursery- I hadn't thought that he would want to help but I'm sure he would. I've got him a teddy saying 'best big brother' from the baby for when it's born too.

Thank you for the advice thanks

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