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Stokke Bounce n Sleep Bouncer

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Mrsbirchall Wed 17-Oct-12 13:38:06

Hi everyone

I've fallen in love with the Stokke bouncer and cot combo, despite it being way out of my price range, but after seeing my best friend's little one in his and loving it.

Does anyone else have them both and do they get good use out of them? I always had a bouncer on my 'want' list but hadn't thought of the lighter cot to buy too, that you buy to make this a set of two items - as technically, our little one could sleep in his Moses basket in the day and we won't need the cot as well? Does it double-up as a travel cot for anyone and maybe I just get the bouncer instead?

I think other half may have small heart attack at the price tag of both! ;)


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