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friendships and falling out in Y2's

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maryEliz Sun 14-Oct-12 23:58:50

My 6y old has changed massively this term. Previously good at school - wanting to do things right etc.- not having so called 'best friends' at school though (excluded from friendships quite a bit previously). New girl arrives in class and my girl is over the mood - a friend at last - but becoming naughty, playing to the crowd to 'impress' new friend (who is older and more streetwise), sent out of class x4 since start of term, excluding children in games even accused of bullying (well- kicked one girl). Other mothers very cross - not slow in telling me! School not calling me though. Parents eve in 2 weeks. Dreading school gates and pick up to find out latest (from other mums and my daughter). Don't know whether to accept just a stage or try to find out why she is doing this. Impressing kindness and inclusion on her daily. Help! Never thought that this parent business could be so stressful. Any thoughts - suggestions ? Feel like getting her out of the school (irrational, I know ...).

IsawtheGruffalo Mon 15-Oct-12 00:27:24

I would suggest arranging a meeting with her teacher to discuss the change in behaviour. My eldest is 6 but in yr1, I think going to school and meeting new friends has such a huge impact on DC lives. DD1 has become much more confident but a bit rude at times. This is to be expected when they start school I guess.
But if your DD has changed so dramatically I would def have a word with the teacher and your DD about her change in behaviour. It may even be worth chatting to the new friends parents to ask if they have noticed a change in their DD?
Best of luck. School is definately when it gets tougher... confused

maryEliz Mon 15-Oct-12 21:09:49

Thanks thats really helpful - will try to get to talk to her teacher tomorrow. Bit nervous of speaking to new friends mum in case this unearths more of a discussion than I can handle but I like the idea of asking if their DD has changed behaviour - it a better way of way of raising it. No trouble at school today apparently......

CockyPants Tue 16-Oct-12 19:20:04

Hello OP, bullying experts and DDs school recommend that you do not approach parents involved, and let the school handle it. I would speak to the class teacher and KS1 head and see what's going on. Playground politics can get v ugly.
Is anything different at home?

maryEliz Tue 16-Oct-12 23:21:09

Hi there, no all same at home apart from favourite pet died a month ago and DD v upset also grandma v poorly (has been for a y but got worse at time pet died). Teacher says she is being a bit mischievious and has been told off more but she thinks she can handle it and is trying to work out dynamics of DD and new friend. Was good to talk to her - she seemed to suggest let school handle and not to take notice of other mums comments - almost suggested avoiding them and keping a bit of distance which can do as dont collect each day and this is a bit of a relief. Thanks for replies - really nice to have them (1st time posting on mumsnet so didnt know if anyone interested) - dont feel so alone with this so thanks.xx

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