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please help me with night time seperation anxiety

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lola88 Sun 14-Oct-12 21:30:57

DS has started to wake up crying his eyes out through the night he's never slept through the night but never woke up crying before, i'm pretty sure it's seperation anxiety he's been extremely clingy in the day and it's the same cry as when i leave the room in the day, almost scared.

I don't know how to deal with this, if theres anything i can do or do i just ride it out? I'm thinking about co sleeping but scared i'll struggle to get him back in his own bed. Can anybody help? I need sleep so badly sad

QTPie Sun 14-Oct-12 21:57:03


How old is he?

What we have always done (and still do - at 2 years 8 months - if DS wakes up upset with teething/illness/jetway/etc) is put a spare mattress next to the cot with a duvet and a pillow. So if he wakes up, one of us goes in and comforts him by being there and holding his hand or shushing etc if necessary. I/husband am/is fairly comfortable sleeping next to the cot (and can sneak back to bed if DS falls deeply back to sleep), but DS has the continuity and familiarity of his own cot in his room (and doesn't loose that - as he would if we brought him into our room). It is a lot easier to extricate us from sleeping in his room, than from him sleeping in ours...

We also continued to encourage him to stay in bed until 7am - not starting the day (no getting up, no going downstairs,no playing, no stories, no talking) until 7am. Even if we are lying there half awake for an hour. This works well and he is never up before 7am or so these days.

When DS was properly teething (13 to 19 months) we ended up spending a lot of time (taking it in turns) going into his room and sleeping there, but it was worth it. It was a gentle and kind solution. It also wasn't too bad for us.


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