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To double buggy or not to double buggy?

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FlashingTurtle Thu 11-Oct-12 09:33:24

I'm currently pregnant with DC2 due in March. DD1 will be 26 months when DC2 arrives and I really can't decide whether to get a double buggy or just attach a buggy board for DD1.

Basically the main issue is that DD1 will continue at the nursery while I'm on maternity leave so as not to upset her routine. DH will drop her off in the morning but I intend to collect her at lunchtime but I won't have a car. The walk back home is up a hill and approx 1.5 miles which makes me think I really should get a double buggy instead of a buggy board.

I'm not sure that DD1 would stay on a buggy board that long without being restrained but then she is 21 months at the moment and might be quite different in 5 months time.

I'm so confused!

Does anyone have any experience of this age gap and what would be the best option?

ThePinkNinja Mon 22-Oct-12 21:03:01

We have both, and the nice sling (23 month gap).
I use single and buggy board for under a mile, and when ds1 being in good form.... We got a p&t for all of the rest of the time. It's only been a month and it's been worth it. smile I'd have bought the mountain buggy duet if it fit in my car boot....

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