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Birthday Party politics

(4 Posts)
SnowWide Sat 06-Oct-12 11:31:32

Im aware this topic might have been done to death, but please bear with me. Need some fresh persepctive. DDs birthday falls around Christmas, this year she will be 7. We're planning a cosy, small party at home with probably six or seven of her friends.

Now DD doesnt want to invite one of her friends. This little girl, as far as I can tell is sweet and polite. They've played together at our home and know each other from nursery and now are in the same class, same school. DD says she is bossy and over-bearing and is very, very reluctant to invite her for the party. It wasnt just a one-off; everytime I talk about this friend, DD is off like an angry kitten: hissing and spitting.

Do I put my foot down and go ahead and call her or defer to DD's wishes and leave her out? Not inviting this girl will be awkward, but not impossible. What do I do??!!

cbeebiesatemybrain Sat 06-Oct-12 12:59:18

I don't think you need to worry too much just yet, girls of this age tend to fall out then make friends again quite a lot. Don't make too much of an issue of it and wait and see what happens, you won't need to send invitations for at least another month and a lot can change in that time smile

juniorant Sat 06-Oct-12 14:27:19

i really hate this kind of stuff BUT if they are not getting on nearer the time I think as long as you are open with the Mum and say something like "sorry feel so awkward but the girls don't seem to be getting on right now and xxx doesn't want her at the party" and as long as less girls from the class are invited than are not invited then I think thats alright.
I think it would be wrong to invite most of th girls and/or not explain to her mum.

SnowWide Sat 06-Oct-12 16:14:48

cbeebies That is what I thought too, they change allegiances every day. But since the start of this school year, DD has been very emphatic in her ...ahem, dislike. I still give the other girl the benefit of doubt, because DD can get angry at imagined slights.

juniorant See, that is the kind of conversation that makes me break into a cold sweat... How do I walk up to this mum and say, "We aren't inviting you". Can I just not say anything and bury my head in the sand? <sigh>

My DD went to another party and this girl, (DD's friend/arch-enemy) wasn't invited to that either... I didn't know this and talked about the party to the girl's mum and she seemed very taken aback/ offended. I DO NOT look forward to telling her that her little one will be excluded.

Gaaahh! When did these things become so complicated?

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