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Love my boys!

(2 Posts)
onedev Thu 27-Sep-12 23:41:40

Very drunk right now but felt the need to say how lucky I am to have my 3 boys. I truly believe happiness is a journey, not s destination & we need to embrace this where we can.

CalamityKate Thu 27-Sep-12 23:57:36

That's lovely smile

I'm really feeling the Big Love for mine ATM. DS2 who is generally quite ahem challenging is going through an inexplicable angelic stage and DS1 is always pretty angelic and they're just so bloody lovely to be around that I find myself missing them when they go to bed.

We're in the process of choosing senior schools and I'm struck by how excited I am for them, how much of an adventure life is and how lucky I am to watch them experience it. And other such soppy stuff :D

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