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What happens at 9 months?!

(2 Posts)
EasilyBored Wed 26-Sep-12 13:02:54

I'm so drained today. DS just turned 9 months, and it feels like someone flipped a switch, and swapped my lovely happy smiley independent boy, for a whiney, whingey, crying, clingy beast. He used to be quite happy crawling around and playing with toys and chattering away to me, but now... he does nothing but whine if I put him down, and try and climb and claw his way out of my arms if I pick him up. He wants to stand but can't quite manage it, so climbs all over me (which I don't really mind), but screams in what seems like frustration when he can't get to what he wants.

He's also started the really really annoying habit of trying to climg to my foot/leg while I'm trying to do something.

I've tried putting him inthe carrier/sling, but unless we're out and about and walking around, he cries and tries to climb out. It has not stopped raining here for days, so we're kind of a bit housebound. Plus, I've got things I need to do around the house, and I can't do them with him clinging to me or screaming.

I just don't know what to do. I so frustrated with him, which isn't helping, and I have shouted at him a couple of times today to stop whinging or clawing at me. I feel like shit. He doesn't deserve to be shouted out, but I'm finding him such hard work. Urgh, I don't know what's wrong. Is this just a phase? So I just need to wait it out? Or is it something else? He doesn't have any teeth, but I don't think it's teething (not any more drooling than usual or anything).

ButtonBoo Wed 26-Sep-12 21:25:29

DD (now 11mo) wasn't dissimilar. They're just so keen to be on the move, having learned all those new skills (crawling, standing up, cruising about, rolling around etc) but separation anxiety also kicks in around that age so they also want you right next to them ALL the time. My DD still crawls on me and then struggles to get down. She does pause for a cuddle, very briefly, with her head muzzled in my neck. But she stays there for all of 3 secs (I only get a proper 1 mon cuddle when I walk in the door after work!)

I wouldn't disregard the teething completely. DD had no more drool than usual when they appeared. She got hers at 9mo. I just noticed some little 'silver/grey' lines on her bottom gums. Then I felt bad cos I dismissed her as being whingy!! Keep your eye on that bottom gum just incase!

My current distraction is to create a 'tunnel' with the high chair, coffee table and a few of our dining chairs and cover them with a blanket. DD hides in there and crawls up and down for ages. We roll balls through and I put some toys in there for her to 'discover'. Keeps her off me for 5 mins anyway!!

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