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Am i the only one scard of discipling my children

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msnaughty Wed 26-Sep-12 09:58:34

I'm i the only person who is scared of telling my children of or punishing them?

my 10 year old is going through a phase of tantrums,strops and crying. he does not listen to what is being said just starts screaming and stropping. in the past when he has been naughty i have punished him. one example is i told him he was going to pick up the rubbish from the frount garden. I then get a call from his head teacher at school saying he is upset. and that i should give him a hug and tel him i love him.

my younger son once told the school i did not give him breakfast and he is hungry. they questioned him, and my 10 year old and myself. asked us all the same kind of questions but seperatly. both me and older son comfirmed they do have breakfast as we named the same sort of stuff we would have.

another time my younger son fell down the stairs. and he told his teacher who then passed it on again all 3 of us got questioned. asked my 5 year old what did head teacher say. he told her that he fell of the trangle step. and she asked lots of questions i cant rememer all of them. but my 5 year old said. she said one more question: and he was asked was anyone behinde you.

because of the above i have become sort of scard of telling them of or discipling them. they do get punished for things, they should not do. but it really scares me and i feel all churned up inside. and im waiting for a phone call. i dont smack them. its things like picking up rubbish. or sitting on the step or having something taken away.

LaCiccolina Wed 26-Sep-12 13:43:19

Good heavens! This sounds very heavy handed by the school, but perhaps things are very different now.

It sounds like you are normal enough, fallible but striving. I feel should continue to discipline and perhaps books or program's can give you some new ideas on things to do. Perhaps it's not the intent but the format used? I don't know, we do things we had as kids ourselves and perhaps there's newer ideas out there now you could find to use? I definitely don't think stopping discipline is an answer though.

Good luck

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