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your DVD recommendations...

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goodstuffhappens Wed 26-Sep-12 08:26:41

I'm about to have my second DD and my first is 20 months. Everyone has given me lots of advice but one thing that comes up is 'don't be afraid if for the first few weeks DD1 watches a bit more tv.' I'm fine with this (early motherhood perfectionism has dimmed slightly....) and I wondered what your recommendations would be. I have a Hungry Caterpillar DVD and it is GORGEOUS. Lovely music, calm images etc. I'm not anti cbeebies but do find the same theme tunes and absurd characters bloody irritating. I really really don't like things with huge merchandise tie ins (Dora the Explorer etc...) I'm thinking along the lines of Snowman, Hungry Caterpillar, Beatrix Potter etc. Any suggestions would be fab. She loves music so music rather than talking is fine with me.
Thank you!

matana Wed 26-Sep-12 10:29:54

My 22 mo DS was NEVER interested in watching TV... until he watched Coraline. It's a feature length animated film and it's deliciously dark which certainly my DS seems to love. It's always his TV of choice now - he gets bored of CBeebies after about 20 mins, but will happily watch the whole of Coraline if i let him. It's also one that an adult could happily watch whilst feeding/ cuddling a newborn. I personally can't stand 'normal' children's films. He also likes the Gruffalo's Child, Finding Nemo and Shrek. But Coraline is by far his favourite.

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