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Nappies - BumGenius Freetime

(4 Posts)
Tiago Wed 26-Sep-12 08:18:42

I'm considering using resuable nappies for my DD when she arrives. I've been looking at the BumGenius freetime ones (as they have the features I want - ability to grown with baby, waterproof cover so I don't have to faff about with wraps, etc). Just wondering if anyone has used these and can let me know whether they are any good?

IcouldstillbeJoseph Wed 26-Sep-12 08:23:20

I use Bumgenius v5, I think they may be a slightly earlier model?! Anyway DS is 20 mo now and I still think they're great. They need changing a tad more often than disposables. I use a disposable overnight but I would thoroughly recommend.
Easy to wash & dry. DS seems v comfortable. By far the best reusables I've encountered.
Have another DC on way and will defo use again. Good luck.

WeeLors Wed 26-Sep-12 19:22:13

I have 5 of these but not used them yet as DC isn't due for a few weeks. I really like the look of them in the flesh though, so simple to use and BumGenius generally get good reviews for their nappies!! Although they are microfibre so might not be absorbant enough for a heavy wetter without boosting with something like bamboo.

What people recommend though is that you don't buy all of your nappies in one type in case they aren't a good fit for the shape of your baby (esp since babies change shape so often). Other brands we've bought are Totsbots Easyfits V3 and Close Pop-ins (these are bamboo so very absorbant and come with a night booster so you can use them overnight if wanted). Both of these nappies are all-in-one birth to potty like the bg freetime if you wanted to google them. We also bought a few pocket nappies where basically you stuff a pocket in the waterproof part with absorbant inserts but I'm not sure how faffy that'll be yet.

Lots of people recommend The Nappy Lady's site for info/reviews on different brands so might be worth a look.

YBR Thu 27-Sep-12 22:14:16

Check out if there is some service where you can borrow washable nappies local to you. Here in Leicestershire there is a nappy lending scheme via the county council which means you can try out the range and find out what suits you before you spend loads. There's a cashback scheme also.

We ended up with DD in disposables initially as she was too little for birth-potty shaped nappies; it turned out to be helpful as we had time to play with the lending kit before deciding what we wanted.

BumGenius (v4 I think) has suited us so far (now 10mo). We have one Freetime nappy, which we're not sure about yet.

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