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advice needed from co sleepers

(12 Posts)
umboo Mon 24-Sep-12 22:08:00


I need to buy a bed rail but I want one that can collapse and be put up easily from the inside so that I can get 14wo dd out of her hammock and into our bed easily when needed, and then have it up to keep her safe. Does such a thing exist?

Also how do you keep yourself warm? I read on here about tucking the duvet between my legs to prevent it ever going on top of the baby, but that is now making my chest cold, with the result that I do have a cold now. Am probably doing it wrong, can someone explain to me how I do this? Nb over the duvet inthe middle is not an option- that's where 2.5 yr old ds ends up every night ;)

dikkertjedap Mon 24-Sep-12 23:23:42

Quite a while ago now but we used cotton sheets with cotton bed spread as a blanket (John Lewis sells them) and thick pyjamas.

I had ordinary Mothercare bedguards and the time we co-slept DH moved to the guest bedroom so we had more space and the risk of baby overheating was removed.

Startailoforangeandgold Mon 24-Sep-12 23:40:02

DD2 always co slept in the crock of my arm on the outer edge of the bed, never fell out.

She's now 11 and an absolute expert at falling out of double beds, single beds, sofas and any bed on holiday while fast asleep, but she never ever did while a BFing baby or toddler in our bed. confused

redwhiteandblueeyedsusan Mon 24-Sep-12 23:44:11

I had the baby on top of the duvet with me underneath.

you could wwear lots of layers.. accessing boobs though is tricky... had one layer that lifted up to keep the top half warm and one layer pulled down to keep tummy warm.

internationalvulva Mon 24-Sep-12 23:47:13

you can buy bed guards, but I think they are only recommended for older children, toddlers etc. We used one of those big bolster pillows or simply put the end I was not sleeping on against the wall and tucked a couple pf pillows in the crack between the wall and the mattresss to stop ours falling down it. I used to wear a jumper in bed, and on very cold nights we had the heating on low to take the chill off.

MorningGromit Mon 24-Sep-12 23:50:23

We've used something like this to sort of extend our bed. Baby ended up in "my" bit of the bed but if they rolled it was into "their" bit and was less squishy than with a bedguard.

SophiesMummySaid Mon 24-Sep-12 23:51:52

Ordinary bedrail should be fine, I think. Eg mothercare, Lindam.
If duvet up to your middle is not an option, how about a sleeping bag up to your middle?
Breastfeeding vest, long sleeved tshirt over the top ( but pulled up ) and sometimes a warm long sleeved pj jacket unbuttoned keeps me snug smile

Thumbwitch Mon 24-Sep-12 23:55:30

I had a sheet and a blanket on the bed, duvet was more like an eiderdown (still is, this is how I like my bed). DS was under the sheet and blanket, duvet folded back over me, it never got near him. DH was in the spare room - he didn't like being in with me and DS, too disturbing and not enough space.

I slept with my arm out over DS's head to prevent me rolling on him - we were both very still sleepers anyway - and I had a bumper thing on the edge of the bed to stop him going that way, but he never did and anyway I had my arm bent at the elbow so he was inside my arm and I would have felt him move if he had rolled away from me (not that he ever did)

He was a December baby (in the UK) so we had the heating on a bit more than I usually would - but he was also a very hot baby so not much more! And he was in his own cotton blanket as well to start with.

Marmiteisyummy Tue 25-Sep-12 06:52:24

I used this fold down bed rail but it's not really recommended for babies. I've recently purchased this bumper for my toddler and tbh it would probably have been better.

I got cold too. Wore several layers including a thick dressing gown at times which is easy open for feeding. Also used to have the duvet on a diagonal so covered most of me but not DS. Chest still got cold though so no great ideas.

thepeanutsparent Tue 25-Sep-12 07:07:24

I don't know about the guard as we have a cot next to the bed wih the side down, extends the bed for the baby. In terms of keeping warm, a sleeping bag for baby- lying on top of duvet- and cardigans over tshirt for you. HTH.

umboo Tue 25-Sep-12 10:22:22

Thanks everyone. Last night I tried wearing two vests and a cardI, pulled one vest up and one vest down, it really helped to minimise what I had to uncover to get boob out for feeding and I was less cold. Many thanks!

mejon Tue 25-Sep-12 11:34:54

I didn't use a guard and DD2 stayed put where she was left. DH was relegated to the spare room whilst we co-slept (for the first 8 weeks or so) so it was just the two of us in a king size bed - me to the side and DD more in the middle of the bed. With the duvet, I used to fold it away from the bottom of the bed and tuck it under my side so that I was sort of encased in duvet sausage. It worked well (thankfully as it was a cold February) and the covers were never near DD.

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