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Swollen Penis - 2yr old boy

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sugna Mon 24-Sep-12 12:52:24

There has been a previous thread about a toddler with a swollen penis and many have written that their son had a similar problem. My daughter's son has been toddling around without a nappy because she has been potty training him. Last week she noticed his penis was swollen and bruised and asked me what I thought it might be - I told her I didn't know and to take him to the GP. This she did straight away and the GP referred her to a Consultant Paediatrician that day as he (the GP) did not know what was wrong. The Consultant looked at my grandson's penis and called the police and social services, accusing her of child abuse. My grandson has been removed to a foster parent (we don't know where) and we are in court trying to fight to get him back - this is a nightmare!! Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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