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Toddler Calm classes - anyone tried?

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crashbangboom Wed 14-May-14 13:25:09

Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I did a search and came across this.

Interested to hear others experiences. Also I know costs can vary. How much did you pay? Is it affordable?

Randomwoman Thu 27-Sep-12 07:53:19

I did the Toddler calm course a few months ago. I was struggling with my two year old & the terrible twos. It really helped me & hubby stay calm as well & when you are calm there's less for the toddler to react to. Tantrums got shorter and less frequent as he began to express himself. I'd recommend it. We had a few friends who said oh I don't need that my little one doesn't tantrum! Well maybe not yet mate but they will. Terrible twos is an expression it can strike at 18 months, 2,3,4 or beyond. It's worth doing this so you're ready when it does strike!

mylittleleapling Wed 26-Sep-12 10:26:40

Apologies for some reason i type abduction when i mean and!

mylittleleapling Wed 26-Sep-12 10:25:22

I attended the babycalm class and ffound it really helpful. I really didn't value my instincts as a mother abduction te classes helped me trust that my instincts to love and nurture were right. I also learnt some great practical ways to help calm my unsettled baby. I'll be looking to do the toddler calm when we're ready!

Redhillibilly Mon 24-Sep-12 16:00:28

Loobylou Am back from my BabyCalm class - it was excellent. I asked the teacher about ToddlerCalm and she gave me details for the nearest place to go for it. She basically said that it is not about rules and discipline but about understanding and supporting your toddler. That sounds like the sort of mum I want to be so I think I might give it a go once Baby Calm has finished.

The BabyCalm was really good - not rocket science and yet stuff I hadn't really thought of before. She showed us how to swaddle our babies and my DD was out like a light. I then had to unwrap her again to get her in her car seat and she is still asleep! Next week she is going to show us how to use a sling which would be really useful with my DS around too. It was a nice group of mums too which helped too.

All in all I was pretty pleased. I wasn't aware that she was following any structure so not sure how much depends on the teacher you get.

ManicMummyUK Mon 24-Sep-12 08:13:04

I attended the 4 week BabyCalm course and the workshop on baby led weaning. I would recommend them. You don't learn anything earth shattering, but it's really nice to discuss the topics with other Mums and great for building confidence as a new Mum.

inkonapin Sun 23-Sep-12 21:23:50

Loobylou yes, I think it has. Because I can see where she's coming from a bit better I guess I find it easier to deal with when she does annoying things! There's not really any behaviour I want to change yet but I think because I did it before there is, I will have got my head around the ideas and concepts by the time there is, if that makes sense?!

Reallytired I think a lot of the concepts could be applied to older children as well tbh

ReallyTired Sun 23-Sep-12 20:54:41

That sounds interesting. Is there a SchoolChildCalm course as my ten year old is a pain up the arse at the moment.

All seriousness have you got a link to a website?

LucyBabyCalm Sun 23-Sep-12 20:51:53

Hi, I am a BabyCalm and ToddlerCalm teacher. I did the ToddlerCalm training when my DD was 3, and my DS 16 months, so all pretty relevant personally!

I learned so much about what was going on for them; although they are both very different in the ways they express themselves and their personalities (DS much more tantrum prone than DD), I definitely felt like I understood them more.

I think it has changed the way I deal with their behaviour, I feel I have strategies to call on in different situations, like inkonapin said it is a framework not rules. I am also far more forgiving of myself where I do get situations wrong (I realised we all get it wrong sometimes!), and able to look honestly at how I dealt with things, and find better ways to deal with that situation in the future.

I would say go for it! Just having space to talk openly and honestly with other people dealing with the same stuff as you is worth the money on it's own ;-)

LoobyLou33 Sun 23-Sep-12 19:00:07

redhill ooh you'll have to let me know how you get on! HOpe the course is really helpful for you with your DD. I've also thought about doing babycalm for the next baby, hopefully due next year.

I am based on the opposite side of London to you - up in Bedfordshire - and there seem to be a few practitioners around here. But yes do ask and let me know if she recommends any people or courses in particular.

inkonapin thank you, that's great to hear...DS is 16 months and pretty much the same - he does get v upset when someone takes a toy off him but not exactly into tantrum territory yet. I'd prefer to be prepared for them when they start! Have you found it's made any difference to how you handle your toddler's behaviour?

inkonapin Sun 23-Sep-12 18:41:56

I did the ToddlerCalm Tantrum workshop (15 mo not tantrumming yet but I thought I'd better be prepared grin ) and I thought it was fab. I would recommend it to any parent of a young child, whether they have tantrums or not, it gave me such an insight into how their little brains and minds work! Absolutely fascinating and it really makes you think about things differently.

It doesn't give you rules or anything, it gives you a framework that you can adjust to your own life and your own family and implement in a way that makes sense to you. I didn't go to baby calm but wish I had now, friends have said they benefitted from it. I plan to go to the 4 week course at some point, just need to find some spare cash and time hmm

Redhillibilly Sun 23-Sep-12 18:08:52

I'm starting a BabyCalm post-natal course tomorrow. I have a toddler DS already but I want to parent my baby DD in a calmer way than with my DS. I am hopeful that I am going to learn some techniques. After I signed up for the course a friend mentioned that she'd done a BabyCalm antenatal course with the same tutor and she spoke highly of it and she is great with her baby, although her baby does seem naturally calm.

Where are you based LoobyLou? The course I am starting tomorrow is at 'Heaven' which is near Redhill, Surrey and I think the tutor also works in Croydon. I didn't know that there were also ToddlerCalm classes and I think I could probably benefit from calming my son, or calming down myself. I will ask the tutor tomorrow about it. Shall I let you know what she says?

LoobyLou33 Sun 23-Sep-12 16:42:55

I've noticed a few local adverts for babycalm and toddler calm classes, and wondered whether anyone knows much about them? As a first-time parent, I am keen to understand my toddler and know how to handle his behaviour positively, (well, at all in fact!) He is pretty well behaved but obviously they all have their moments!

Any feedback or thoughts would be great - if you're a course tutor please be honest and say so!

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