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Anyone feel like they know even less what they are doing with their second child than they did with their first?

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Suchanamateur Sat 22-Sep-12 17:47:47

Or is it just me?

I thought the received wisdom was that second children were easier because you knew what you were doing- been there done that. But I feel twice as chaotic this time round. Weaning poor DD has been a joke- at random points of the day she gets something shovelled in her mouth. And no idea what I'm doing with her sleep. At all. Sure that with DS I felt like I had some plan or idea, or maybe I've just wiped it all...

TheOneWithTheHair Sat 22-Sep-12 19:37:09

Yes I did.

When I had ds1 I was quite young and due to circumstance pretty much on my own. I had an nhs book and a health visitor who took the same line as the book. Luckily ds1 decided to do everything by the book and as I had no friends or family putting their oar in we got on fine. No hassle and no worries.

Fast forward eight years. Dd was born and information was more widely available, friends had started to have babies and family were back on the scene. Add to this advice about weaning, sleeping, potty training and everything else had changed so I didn't have a clue. I muddled along but was far more pfb about her than I had been with ds1.

Now I'm on ds2. He's 3yrs old. I don't worry about anything. He practically brings himself up. grin

Bear in mind I think you have to try quite hard to damage your child and I'm sure you're doing fine. Try not to worry because you'll get through it fine and so will she. smile

RowanTreesJoeAtChristmas Sat 22-Sep-12 21:10:23

YES!!! Totally ( though I was pretty shit with DS1 too sad ) .

I think I had more of a clue with weaning etc because I had time to read the books, make the purees from scratch etc. This time I am just so damn busy and stressed out all the time.

DS1 is 5 and although he's not at all a difficult and is generally pretty well mannered etc but he still requires a lot of input and argues a lot. I find myself snapping at him when DS2 is whinging too which is horrible and not fair.

DS2 is difficult (as DS1 was as a baby) and I find myself feeling completely clueless and overwhelmed by the responsibility of having 2!

I have no idea how to get DS2 napping better. I am sure I had it sussed with DS1 by now. Also if DS2 wakes in the night it is so much more stressful as I am aware of it disturbing DS1 who has to be at school in the mornings. Arrrgh. Anyway, yes I feel MUCH less in control than I did with DS1!

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