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my 8 weeks old baby with heart murmur sleeps too much

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lexie2012 Mon 20-Aug-12 13:45:35

Hi, i am new here and have so many things to ask:-)
My LO was diagnosed with heart murmur when she was few days old. We were told she will need a heart surgery but two weeks ago we have got a good news from cardiologist and she doesn't need one but will have to be on diuretics till she is 6 moths old. She is very sleepy, which makes me very concerned. Is there anyone else whos baby has the same condition? Was your baby sleepy all the time. She is already 8 weeks old and has not been very active, just feeds and sleeps most of the day (about 8 hours) and most of the night. She also has a reflux which doesn't make things easier, because she cries most of the time she is awake. Is there anyone with similar problems. How did you cope? It's really getting to me, not seeing her to do what my first LO used to do in her age. Any advise will help. Thanks

Malachite Mon 20-Aug-12 17:16:25


Congratulations on your new baby! Sorry you're having a tough time of it so far. I don't think I can be much help but I didn't want your message to go unanswered.

My baby had a heart murmur but it was only a grade one and went away on its own, no treatment required. She also had reflux and we had the opposite problem in that she wouldn't sleep because of it. Has your little one got medication for the reflux? Other than meds, I found that a baby swing and a vibrating bouncy chair were a huge help. They were the only places I could put her down without her crying. I also carried her around in a sling lots.

Wrt to the sleeping too much, this is probably something you should be discussing with her paediatrician.

Good luck!

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