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Some advice for a friend please!

(4 Posts)
harman Thu 11-Dec-03 20:09:00

Message withdrawn

KatieMac Thu 11-Dec-03 20:30:45

My 6yo is also very upset at a family change. I am sure it is a normal reaction and will only worry if in 3-6 months time these things haven't improved.
The childs life has been turned upside down, and little ones always react badly but it will calm down (I think/hope anyway)

Forestfly Thu 11-Dec-03 20:39:20

My eldest was upset for a while, but they do adjust, he's a cheery little fellow now it just takes time. Its hard because you have to make a big effort and it's quite draining when your down. I was worried sick about my child at first and thought he'd never get his conficence back. Now hes fine, and thinks are life is normal.

lyndsey66 Thu 11-Dec-03 21:05:59

As a child from a broken home: I used to do the same - I used to also use my daddy as a tool to get to my mum. If anything at home went wrong I would want to live with my dad. Once my mum called my bluff and i ived with my dad for 2 weeks before returning home with my tail between my legs cause I missed her so much!
At the end of the day I am so so glad that my parents split up and your friends dd will see this one day. At the moment she is too young to understand. When she is older she will understand and living in an unhappy household with your parents not getting on in the long run is far far worse than this temporary blip.
And that is all it is - her dd getting used to the new situation. As the years go by and she has two bedrooms and two lots of presents - I am sure that she will come round!!
I was 8 when my mum and dad split up and now I can hardly remember the bad things, as long as your friend and her dh deal with this in an amicable and sensitive way (which isnt always easy) the long term effect on her dd shouldnt be too bad as she will forget a lot of it. Two happy parents is better than two miserable.
Also once her room is all done how she likes it and she settles in (Always takes a while when you move house) her dd will forget her old house - that is the beauty of this all happening now she is so young and not in 8-9 years time when she is a teenager and her hormones are up the creak! I hope that this helps. wrote it in a rush as 'holiday showdown' is on! tell your friend to follow what she feels deep down - and she will see she has down the right thing

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